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LG designs hexagonal battery for wearables

LG Hexagonal Battery

LG has just designed an innovative hexagonal battery meant for smartwatches and wearables. This will save room and fit in nicely with the smartwatches, especially those with circular displays. Although one might prefer using a circular shaped battery for a smartwatch or a wearable, LG’s research has found that a hexagonal shaped unit would work better.

This is big for the company and the wearable market in general because current smartwatches utilize the conventional square or rectangular shaped batteries, which can take quite a lot of space. However, with something like the battery shown above, LG and other OEMs can save room for other components on the wearables.

Another bonus here is that this battery can provide 25% more battery than a standard smartwatch battery that is used today, thanks to the way it’s designed. This will apparently eke out about 4 hours of additional battery life according to the Korean manufacturer, which makes quite a large difference given that smartwatches are already struggling to make it past the day with heavy usage.

We should see wearables with the aforementioned battery releasing sometime next year as LG starts production and shipments to OEMs.

Source: Korea Times

Via: Phone Arena

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