Huawei Watch possibly delayed due to a software related issue

Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch, although announced back during the MWC a few months ago, is yet to reach the customers. The launch was scheduled for China first, which is Huawei’s home nation and it seems like the software restrictions¬†on Android Wear has made it difficult for Huawei to bring the device to the markets.

China as we all know has stringent regulatory policies which doesn’t allow certain Google services. We’ve seen Android facing issues with this as well, which is why we see regional manufacturers being heavily reliant on custom Android ROMs. Since such modification is not allowed on Android Wear, it is said that the Huawei Watch has been delayed until September.

We’re hoping that the smartwatch will be available in other markets by then, so that the rest of the world markets don’t suffer because of a delay in the Chinese launch. The Huawei Watch is one of the better looking smartwatches to have been announced and with good reason. However, it’s a little disappointing that the device won’t be available for purchase anytime soon.

Source: Want China Times

Via: Pocket Droid