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HTC claims it will bring new smartphones by the end of the year

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With HTC already releasing the One M9, One M9+ and the One E9+ this year, it seems like there will be more HTC smartphones releasing later this year. This revelation was made directly by HTC, so the news is coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

We expect this device to cater to the midrange market segment given that the quota of high end devices has already been filled by HTC. It is likely that we’ll see successors to the company’s popular Desire lineup of handsets that were launched last year.

These phones have made some impact on the midrange smartphone segment and the company hopes to bank on their partial success. It is said that the company CEO has even discussed the birth of a new smartphone series at a recent shareholder meet, so it’s likely we’ll see some new products later this year.

HTC has gone through some executive reshuffling earlier this year which led to the CEO being replaced by another company executive and co-founder of the company, Cher Wang. So it’s clear that the failure of the company’s high end flagships have forced the company to take some drastic measures.

Source: Digitimes

Via: Phone Arena

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