How To Fix HTC One M8 Call Related Issues, Message Sending Problems

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series that concentrates on call and message sending issues on the HTC One M8. We all know that the primary function of a phone is to communicate using calls or text messages. However, once the phone fails to make a call or send a message this becomes a big hassle on the part of the owner. In this installment of the series we will tackle call related issues as well as message sending problems on this device.

We have picked four emails sent to us by our readers which we will be troubleshooting. Hopefully we can provide a resolution to these issues.

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M8 Call Goes Straight To Voicemail

Problem: Hi Droid Guy! So, I’m having a couple issue’s right now with my HTC One M8 that I have through Verizon. It’s running on lollipop, and I haven’t done any recent app updates for over a month. I would say. All of the sudden I’m having the following issue’s…

– Not receiving calls at all, phone is going straight to voicemail on other end, and will not come through.

This seems to only be happening at certain times in the morning. I would say for about a 3 hour window from 6am- 9am (that I know of)

I tried to write it off that the phone was “jamming” up due to e-mail notifications & alarms going off around these times. But, on quiet mornings, like the weekend, it does the same thing.

This also is on what I know basis, it could be happening at other times with other calls to people I don’t talk to on a daily basis. I’m just guessing due to voice mails I have where there was no missed call.

Also, after the lollipop update, I have 2 phone apps internally (I attached a screenshot). When you go into settings > manage apps: there are 2 separate phone system apps. One is colored green, the other is blue. Any idea on why this is??

Lastly about anything else I’ve noticed, would be today, after picking my phone up when I got a text that my phone wasn’t going through as always; In the dialer screen where the number would usually show up near the top, it had a system notation “Power Saver Mode: Press # to exit”. My phone is never in power saver mode?!?!

-Second issue

Volume up button is not working. I’ve kind of learned to work around this (explained below) Which I’m now totally bummed about after reading your tips, that I could clear the phones cache with instructions, that lead to –> holding the volume up button in while the phone is off. I’m very interested in doing this to clear some junk, but don’t know how if that button isn’t working.

Working around it: I’ve just been using the volume down button as a starting point to get whichever volume to come up on the screen (ring tone, music, etc.). Then I have been moving the volume up on my screen instead of using the buttons.

Is there any way to fix this without going to repair?

I also noticed this right after the Lollipop update.

Lastly: Phone showing charging after being disconnected from power source. This just happened yesterday. I hook my phone to my TV to stream videos (mp4’s), and my adapter is for sure wearing out, I have to sit it a certain way to get it to connect to power coming in. But, that isn’t my problem (I’m just going to get a new adapter). The strange happenings are as follows…

In order for the MHL connection to connect to the screen, it has to have a power source, my LED light on top of my phone lit up as if it was charging BUT it wasn’t connected to anything!!! As I was trying to troubleshoot the adaptor problem.

It even was showing a warning for “phone is slow charging”

I restarted my phone about 3 times, and this continued to happen. (I haven’t tried it today yet, so I’m not sure if it’s still happening). Any ideas on how my phone could think it’s charging when it’s clearly NOT??? Any help with any of these problems would be greatly appreciated! I hope I provided enough detail & it’s able to be understood.

Solution: Let’s start with the call issue going straight to your voicemail. Does this happen in random locations or just in a particular location? Since this happens only at certain times of the day then it could not be a setting issue. Have you tried contacting Verizon regarding this issue? There could be a network problem in your area which is causing this issue.

If this isn’t a network related issue then your next step is to check if this issue is caused by a third party app installed in your phone. To do this you will have to start your phone in Safe Mode.

  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • On the screen, touch and hold Power off under Phone Options.
  • When the ‘Reboot to safe mode’ message appears, tap RESTART.
  • When the phone restarts it will be in safe mode.

Observe your phone in this mode and see if calls still go straight to your voice mail. If it doesn’t then the problem is most likely caused by an app. Find out what app is causing this and uninstall it.

Regarding the phone app icon on your phone try to click on both of them to get the app info. One of them (the blue one) is most likely the stock system phone app while the other (the green one) could be a third party app or the Hangouts call app.

Regarding the power saver mode of our phone is this the first time that it occurred or does it occur regularly? If it is the first time then it may have been accidentally activated.

For the second issue you will need to bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it repaired since this is already a hardware related problem.

For the last issue of your phone charging even if it is not connected to a power source you should try to do a reboot first. If the issue is caused by a glitch in the phone data then it will be resolved. Otherwise, you will need to inspect your phone charging port if it has any dirt or lint present. If you spot any then clean it using a toothpick or cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

M8 Call Not Heard

Problem: Hi, I have the HTC One M8 and have 2 issues;

  1. When I am in a long phone conversation, 5 minutes +, for no reason the other party can’t hear me. I can hear them clearly but they can no longer hear me.  This appears completely random, sometimes will happen multiple times a day and then is ok for a few days.  Happens when at different locations.  Am using Vodafone as my carrier.
  2. Keep getting “server authentication error” messages for my Yahoo Mail. Click through the setup and error goes away.  This sometimes happens multiple times a day.  Again, happens in all locations.  Had the problem with the HTC mail app so changed to Aqua Mail and still get the same problem. Regards

Solution: For your first issue try to start your phone in Safe mode first and check if the call issue persists.

  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • On the screen, touch and hold Power off under Phone Options.
  • When the ‘Reboot to safe mode’ message appears, tap RESTART.
  • When the phone restarts it will be in safe mode.

If the problem does not occur then it is most likely caused by a third party app installed in your phone. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the issue persists then contact Vodafone and check if there are any network related problems.

For the second issue regarding the server authentication error this may be an issue with the Yahoo mail settings or the Yahoo email servers. If it is an email setting issue then just double check your setting and make sur they are correct. If it is a server issue then this is already out of our control.

M8 Can’t Hear Call If Not On Speaker

Problem: Hi, My HTC one m8 has a real bad issue with it. When I receive or even call someone without the speaker on i can’t hear anything at all but when I use the speaker I can hear clearly what can I do. I already did a factory reset but it’s still the same.

Solution: The internal speaker of your phone may already be defective. Your best option in this case is to bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

M8 Can’t Hear Call After Lollipop Update

Problem: I’m having HTC one m8 eye. After updating to lollipop I’m experiencing a trouble. In the middle of the call I can’t hear the other person’s voice. It occurs frequently. Please give me a solution.

Solution: Since this problem occurred right after you updated the phone software to Lollipop then it may be caused by data from the old software version that has not been completely removed. I recommend that you back up your phone data and do a factory reset.

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Tap Power off.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Press and release the Power key to turn the phone on.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down key.
  • Release the Volume Down key when the three Android images appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the Volume Down key twice to move the cursor from FASTBOOT to FACTORY RESET.
  • Press the Power key to perform the master reset.

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  1. I have the HTC one 9. After one of my updates I no longer get voicemail notification. No matter what I do. I even subscribed to premium and still nothing. I did restart the phone, nothing. I am able to call my voicemail and it will tell me I have them but only if I remember to do so.

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