How To Add SIM Card Contacts to Lollipop Galaxy S5

Wondering how to add old SIM card contacts to your device? Whether you have just unboxed your S5 or performed a factory reset, it pays to know how to create a copy of your SIM card contacts to your device. This short post will guide you on how to add SIM card Contacts to Lollipop Galaxy S5 in a hurry.


The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted in your device. Then, turn the device on and go to the Home screen or to Settings. Open the Contacts app and tap Import/Export contacts option. Doing so will give you more options like:

• Import from device storage
• Export to device storage
• Import from SD card
• Export to SD card
• Import from SIM card
• Export to SIM card

Next, you need to tap Import from SIM card option to begin the process of copying the contacts. When you get the window asking where to save the information, specify Device. If you want to create a copy of your contacts to your Google account, you can select it instead of Device. After that, begin the transfer process. Once finished, tap Done to confirm what you want.
To export or reverse the process, just select Export to SIM card option after in your Contacts app.


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  1. I just received my Samsung s5 and the power cord will not charge my phone. Also the phone turns off often while was talking to someone and then when I am looking at apps on the phone.

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