Hitman: Sniper now available for download from the Google Play Store

Hitman Sniper

Square Enix has officially brought the latest in the Hitman franchise to the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store respectively. This game, known as Hitman: Sniper was designed specifically for the mobile platform and isn’t a rehash of an older Hitman game, which means that it’s optimized for mobile gameplay.

While you might not find a lot in terms of graphics here, it should certainly make for some interesting gameplay, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. Hitman: Sniper will set you back by $4.99 on the Play Store, so premium gameplay won’t come on the cheap.

Incidentally, the game comes exactly an year after Hitman: Go was released on the Google Play Store. Check out some of the top highlights of the game as mentioned by the developer:

  • Immersive sniping game based on the Hitman universe
  • Complete over 150 missions. Eliminate the top criminal elite!
  • Replay and uncover more secrets as contracts evolve
  • Compete against your friends & dominate the leaderboards!
  • Master undetected kills using your surrounding environment
  • Unlock and assemble 13 epic sniper rifles

Head over to the link below for more details on the latest in the Hitman franchise.

Source: Google Play Store

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