Google Nexus Player selling for just $64.78 from Amazon

Nexus Player

One of the most popular Android TV consoles around, the Nexus Player can now be yours for just $64.78 from Amazon. This is without the ASUS Gamepad of course, which will set you back by an additional $40. The Amazon listing mentions that the bundle is currently available, so you might have to look to other sources if you’re interested in getting the Gamepad as well.

In any case, you won’t be shelling out more than $110 considering the deal being offered here. The Nexus Player might lack some of the features that we find on other consoles like the NVIDIA Shield, but the price offered here makes it a very attractive proposition. This is the cheapest we’ve seen the Nexus Player going for, so we’re not sure if you can find a better deal than this at the moment.

As with any deal of this nature, it’s hard to tell how long the pricing will last, so we suggest you hurry if you’re interested in snatching up an Android TV offering on the cheap.

Source: Amazon