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Google could be planning a monthly subscription service for Play Movies

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Google recently diversified its music service by offering users the ability to access its vast library with a monthly subscription service. A new leak now tells us that the company could be looking to bring the same subscription to its lineup of movies on Google Play Movies.

This essentially means that Google could be contemplating a direct competitor to Netflix, which currently dominates the TV streaming space in the U.S. and select global markets.

However, Netflix has a massive advantage with some of its original programming like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and the new smash-hit, Marvel’s Daredevil. Something which Google probably won’t be able to replicate in a short span of time.

Play Movies Pass

The revelation of this subscription service was made in a screenshot shared by a Google+ user where we’re seeing a survey type question, asking the user if he/she is subscribed to the monthly movie pass from Google. This is just a survey at the moment, so we might be jumping to conclusions a little too early. However, we won’t put it past Google to try out something like this, given the popularity of streaming services.

Source: Google+

Via: Android Headlines

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