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Google could be exploring ways to “stream” Android apps: Report

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Downloading and installing apps can be a painful process as we all know. However, Google could be looking at a way to change that by allowing you to potentially “stream” some applications on Android, reports The Information. This could be achieved if the user has consistent data connectivity on tap, so it could be slightly limited in its approach, although the idea is pretty novel.

It is being rumored that Google’s acquisition of a cloud based service named Agawi last year has been crucial in these new plans. This service specialized in bringing cloud apps to mobile devices and has also been associated with NVIDIA in some capacity. It is assumed that Agawi was involved in the NVIDIA Grid streaming service, which was a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

Agawi’s expertise will supposedly be used with Google Search, where users can simply search for a service/app etc and start using it right there. But instead of opening the browser version of the app, it would open in a condensed app like format.

So Google certainly has some grand plans for the Android platform, if this report is anything to go by. It will be interesting to see if third party developers will be allowed to bake in support or if this service will be limited to Google’s native services like Sheets, Docs etc.

Source: The Information – Requires subscription

Via: Droid Life

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