Google brings its stock Android Clock app to the Play Store


Google has just introduced the Clock app from stock Android devices to the Play Store in the form of a standalone app. The app comes with alarms, the ability to set multiple time zones as well as resizable widgets. The app also has timers and a stopwatch, so you’re getting the usual suite of clock related features on board here.

While it’s unlikely that stock Android users would want to use this app, Google is targeting OEM skinned devices with this application. This will also make it easier for Google to add new features and patch some bugs and take lesser time.

The app is free of course and has already gone up on the Google Play Store. So if you’re bored of your default clock app, make sure you head over to the link below and download the Google branded clock application. Having used it for over two years now, I must say it’s a very nifty application to have and the widget is clutter free on the home screen as well.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Droid Life