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Google acknowledges battery drain complaints with Android Wear 5.1.1

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Some users on the Google Product Forums have been complaining about battery drain issues with their Android Wear smartwatch after the Android 5.1.1 update. While the issue was first seen on the Sony SmartWatch 3, it was immediately apparent that this wasn’t just limited to one device. Users are suggesting that a reboot fixes the issue to some extent, but bugs like these do not get resolved without a formal update.

The good news is that this update could be incoming as Google has officially acknowledged its existence on the Product Forums page. The company has promised to work on this and bring a resolution to the customers at the earliest.

Given that some cases are seeing a resolution with a simple reboot, it’s likely that this is a RAM related issue. This is quite common on Android devices and even more so on Android Wear given that it only has minimal RAM on board.

Are you seeing battery related issues with your Android Wear smartwatch after the Android 5.1.1 update? Head over to Google’s official page below and make your complaint known.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Android Beat

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