Fast charging could soon come to Qi Wireless chargers as well

Wireless Charging Qi

Qi chargers offer excellent utility, letting you charge your devices wirelessly without much worry. However, they’re relatively slow as far as charging is concerned and hence take longer time than some of the newer fast charging solutions. However, a new specification announced by the Wireless Power Consortium tells us that Qi charging stations with faster charging (15 watt) will be available soon.

This will bring it in line with the current crop of fast chargers like the Turbo Charger, which is very good news for manufacturers of wireless charging mats and cradles. It might take some time to become mainstream though, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. But it’s good to see that something like this is on the cards as wireless charging certainly has the potential to make it big, if they’re able to combat this one niggle.

Do you use the Qi based wireless charging accessories in your home/office? What do you make of this new announcement.

Source: Wireless Power Consortium

Via: Phandroid

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