Facebook Lite officially launched for low end Android hardware

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite has just been announced by the social networking giant and is designed specifically for developing markets where low end Android handsets are available in abundance. The service will first be rolled out in Asian markets and will be followed by European and Latin American markets subsequently.

It comes with all the essential Facebook features like News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications etc, but lacks video support given that it is designed to consume minimal data. The app is just under 1MB in size, which is a commendable feat considering what it brings to the table despite being so small in size.

Think of this as a slightly toned down version of Facebook to function smoothly on low end hardware, so you might not really see the need for this if you own a high end device with a powerful SoC and enough RAM on board.

Facebook believes that this new app will be targeted to over a billion mobile users of the app across the world. You can download the app from the Play Store link below, assuming it’s available in your region.

Source: Facebook, Google Play Store

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