[Deal] Garmin Vivofit fitness band selling for just $45

Garmin Vivofit

Those looking to get a fitness band on the cheap (apart from the Xiaomi Mi Band), might be interested in something as versatile as the Garmin Vivofit. This wearable usually retails for about $130, but is now selling for just $45 courtesy of retailer Choxi.

The only caveat here is that this is a refurbished model of the wearable, thus explaining the ultra low price tag. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem as it’s restored to like-new condition. The deal is only available for under 16 hours, so you don’t have a lot of time to make up your mind. Make sure you hit the link below for more details on this wearable from Garmin.

Garmin is a well known brand in the fitness segment and gives the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone a run for their money. However, the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band has shaken up the wearable industry to a great extent with its ultra low $15 price tag.

The Garmin Vivofit can do all that you require from a fitness band and that involves tracking your steps, runs and sleep monitoring. It also has a display, which is an area where it excels compared to other wearables that are priced in the same segment.

Source: Choxi

Via: Android Headlines