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Can you find a security bug on Android? There’s an $8,000 reward waiting for you from Google


Let’s face it, mobile platforms are not safe from security bugs even though companies would like you to think otherwise. However, they have increased security protocol to a great extent, especially after the recent string of leaks.

Google is now calling upon developers to find a security related bug on Android (only on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 at the moment). And in return, if you’re successful in finding something that fits the description, you will be rewarded with a whopping $8,000.

This can be deemed as both a challenge and a fact finding mission for Google, and in any case, Android on the whole stands to benefit from it. If you have such a security bug in mind, make sure you head over to the AOSP bug tracker page and submit your findings there. You can grab more details on it from the link below.

This ensures that Google’s latest products are up to date and without any major security flaws that could drive away potential customers. We like the initiative and Google hasn’t been one to shy away from crucial issues like security, although its ad practices have been questionable in the past.

Source: Google

Via: Android Central

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