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Amazon Echo platform can be leveraged by other manufacturers

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo will be commercially available soon as we mentioned recently. The company has now said that it will start offering the technology of this product to manufacturers who are willing to use it. It is said that Amazon will offer the services of the Alexa personal assistant from the Echo to interested parties as long as they can build something from it. The API will also be supplied so that devs can build new features into Alexa.

Furthermore, Amazon has announced the Alexa Fund of $100 million, which essentially allows developers or startups to build new products based on Alexa. This is a bold move from Amazon and tells us that it’s firmly behind the project. The Echo is currently available on pre-order with units starting to ship out sometime next month.

It’s good to see that Amazon wants to tap into broader markets with the Alexa API and not just limit its reach to the newly launched Echo personal assistant device. The Echo can be bought for $179.99, but with the API being given out to developers and manufacturers, we can hope to see cheaper alternatives launching in the market soon.

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