Amazon Echo can now be purchased without an invitation

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo was announced late last year as a unique concept, which would ensure there’s a hardware assistant around your home to listen to your queries and answer them accordingly. However, this product was available only to a handful of testers initially, which meant that not all users were able to get it.

But that changes now without Amazon lifting those restrictions. The units won’t start shipping out until July, but that’s a start. The Echo has been priced at $179.99 and can be pre-ordered right away from the retailer’s official page.

The listing mentions that the units won’t be available until mid-July, but we suggest you reserve a unit for yourself before stocks run out. The personal assistant software built into the Echo is known as Alexa, which pairs with your smartphone and can read out your messages and keep you informed on all the happenings around you (news, weather etc). The sensitive microphones on the device ensure that your voice can be heard even if you’re not really close to the device.

Source: Amazon, Product Page

Via: Phandroid