Wear Mail Client lets you write emails from your Android Wear device

Android Wear - Mail

The Gmail app has decent functionality with Android Wear smartwatches, letting you read mails and even respond over voice. But if you wanted to get more out of your smartwatch, you can do so by getting the Wear Mail Client from the Google Play Store.

This app brings the ability to type responses through a keyboard which expands beyond the screen and relies on constant scrolling. This ensures that you don’t have to remove your smartphone out of your pocket/wallet to type in a response. However, considering the amount of time it might take to actually type something using the app, I think users can just as easily send a full response from their phone.

But it’s good to know that such an app exists out there, giving Android Wear users that choice if they so desire. The app is free but comes with a few in-app purchases which lets you unlock a couple of extra features within the app. All users are entitled to the basic functions though, so this should be worth a go, at least to satisfy your curiosity.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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