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Uber reportedly looking to acquire Nokia Here Maps for $3 billion

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According to a report on The New York Times, popular transport network Uber is looking to acquire Nokia’s Here Maps services. It is said that the company has offered $3 billion to acquire Nokia’s navigation services, leading to some interesting speculation.

The deal has obviously not been confirmed by either party yet, but we expect to learn more about it over the coming weeks. It is said that automobile manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Chinese search engine Baidu is also interested in acquiring Here.

While the service might be relatively unheard of in the U.S., it is a very popular navigation service in the rest of the global markets, especially in Europe where it is running in over 80% of the in-car GPS systems. Uber might be looking to use this service for Uber Pool, which can use some help in connecting passengers with drivers.

We’ll keep a close eye on the news cycle for more information on this particular report. Do you think Uber will make better use of Here’s services or would Here be better off with an automobile company to aid navigation? Let us know.

Source: The New York Times

Via: Engadget

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