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Twitter Launches Periscope For Android

Periscope For Android

Exactly two months after launching on iOS, Twitter is bringing Periscope to Android. This comes shortly after Meerkat exited beta, so it wasn’t going to be that long until Periscope surfaced as well.

This app is largely the same as the iOS version, except with Material Design cues in the app, as well as some new notification toggles. These new toggles include the ability to control when someone you follow is streaming, when a broadcast is shared with you, when someone follows you, or when a new user streams for the first time.

Another new feature for the app is that if you leave a live stream to go check another app, Periscope will display a notification to you when you return to that app if the stream is still going.

Android 4.4 or newer is required to use this app, so most people will be able to use it. You can download it on Google Play for free starting today.

Source: Mashable via Android Central

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