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Sprint’s HTC One E8 getting the Android Lollipop treatment

HTC One E8

After sending out a factory reset protection related update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sprint is now sending out another update, but for the HTC One E8 smartphone from last year. This update brings the massive Lollipop upgrade to the device, along with some neat user interface changes as well.

HTC has confirmed this on Twitter as well, with the update officially scheduled to begin today. But as is the nature with OTA updates, don’t be disheartened if you’re not seeing it on your device right away.

The update will introduce a couple of handy Lollipop based features such as lockscreen notifications, improved handling of the Quick Settings menu and some other subtle UI changes. As we’ve learnt from the likes of Samsung and LG, the update will not replicate the stock Android experience that you’re probably expecting. So don’t get your hopes up if you were expecting a complete UI makeover.

It’s excellent to see that the One E8 smartphone is getting an update to the latest version of Android while some flagship offerings from top OEMs are yet to receive the coveted Lollipop update.

Source: @moversi – Twitter

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