Signing up for Project Fi will change the way you use Google Voice [Update]

Google Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi invites are currently going out to the users. However, there is one caveat that most of us aren’t aware of, especially if you are a user of Google Voice.

According to a new revelation, users who have a Google Voice account will not be able to use it the same way as they currently do if they start using Fi. In the Google Fi sign up page, we can see that Google lets you connect your current Google Voice number with Fi. But if you choose to get a different number, Google mentions that your Google Voice number will be released and also makes it abundantly clear that you won’t get it back.

As you probably know already, activating Google Fi through your Voice number renders all Google Voice services useless. So in any case, if you have a Google Voice account, your options are to either use it for Fi or release it altogether. This essentially means that you will not be using Google Voice the way you do right now once you sign up for Fi. The only workaround we can think of for the time being is to sign up using a different email account.

What are your thoughts about Google’s decision to replace Voice with Fi entirely?

Update: According to the Product Manager of Project Fi, Simon Arscot, those who opt out of Fi in the future will be able to get their Google Voice number back. So there’s no need for concern if you were just looking to try out Fi. Arscot is currently answering some of the user queries on Reddit, so head over to the link here to find out more about Fi and its hidden caveats.

Via: The Verge