Sega removes more games from app hubs

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Sega has been removing games from app hubs of late since they don’t adhere to their quality norms. More games recently fell victims to these new regulations (After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio). So if you were looking to download these games from the Google Play Store, your time has run out as you will no longer find them there.

Sega has now removed ChuChu Rocket from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store citing the aforementioned reasons. As it stands right now, the only legacy games you can find in the Play Store from Sega are Sonic 1, 2, CD, and Crazy Taxi. It seems like the iOS platform has lost more games compared to Android.

The only hope for Android users is to get these games using emulators, while iOS users have been left high and dry. It is likely that Sega will soon bring these games back to the app hubs, possibly in remastered versions, so not all hope is lost at the moment.

Source: Pocket Droid UK

Via: Droid Gamers