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Samsung to bring Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge next week

Galaxy S6 Edge -  Iron Man

Samsung has already teased the arrival of the Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. The company is now mentioning that it will offer the smartphone to the customers starting next week. The teaser image posted by the company also gives us a brief glimpse of the device.

We can only see the back of the smartphone here, with no visibility of the front. However, this is more than enough to give us a good idea of what to expect from this special edition variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The body of the smartphone will be painted in red with the iconic Iron Man mask etched on the back as well.

The company had initially hinted on bringing several limited edition smartphones with the likes of Thor, Captain America, Hulk etc also said to be included, but that hasn’t materialized yet. However, the company has already offered cases and accessories featuring these Marvel characters.

Source: Samsung Mobile – Facebook

Via: Phone Arena

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