Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 62]

Welcome to another installment of our burgeoning Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooting series!


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Samsung Galaxy S5 screen flickers after updating to Lollipop | Auto-rotate stopped working after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: Samsung Galaxy S5 problems immediately following system update. First, I have to say this…I can’t believe that when I went to the Verizon store and explained that I had these problems immediately following their update that they all knew about it and said that it may have ruined my phone…why on earth would they continue to put out system updates that ruins phones, long enough for everyone to know that about it?

  • The phone flickers in brightness and makes it very difficult to read.
  • Sometimes the screen is only partially showing with the rest being static-fuzzy.
  • The gyro does not work…pictures will not turn horizontal.
  • I’ve been looking for an opportunity to address this that is not critical to my work…which is hard to find.  I backed it up to cloud a couple weeks ago. — Jim

Troubleshooting: Hi Jim. We are aware that the new Android Lollipop update did not go according to plan but we have not heard of if causing the screen to flicker as what you have described. The usual cause for most display problems are hardware in nature, which probably means your phone’s screen may be malfunctioning. However, if the reason behind is the software update indeed, if should be remedied by doing a factory reset. Otherwise, you have no other choice but to ask Verizon to either repair the phone or replace it with an entirely new unit.

We’ve heard of random issues about some Android devices losing their auto-rotate function after doing a software update. Google and Samsung have not issued a formal acknowledgement of this problem though so what users can do at this time to delete their phone’s system cache and perform a factory reset. We don’t think the gyroscope sensor itself has failed so it can most probably be resolved by doing the standard software troubleshooting.


How to stop a Samsung Galaxy S5 from giving notifications about a pending system update

Problem: I don’t want to ever update the software for Galaxy S5 for the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) but it’s on my screen whenever I turn on my phone & it will not go away! It is so annoying! The only 2 choices you have are install now or install later! I want one that says NEVER! Please HELP! Thanks. — Connie

Problem: Hi! I just moved from S3 to S5. I bought one and it had Android 5.0 on it. I did not like it because everything blended together. I got a different one which has Android 4.4.4. It is ok. I want to avoid an automatic update but I have not found a way to do that. Some guy that is difficult to understand has a YouTube video, but his is different than mine. Can you help me avoid auto updates to 5.0? I haven’t connected to Wi-Fi yet in fear of updating. Help! — SLS

Problem: Hi. I got a replacement S5 from my provider since after downloading Lollipop on my new phone created many problems. I now have a notification to download an update. I don’t want to download this update & go through same problems. How do I get rid of notification or root my phone? Thanks.– Helene

Troubleshooting: Hi Guys! We hope we did not scare you away from installing Android Lollipop to your phone by publishing all sorts of issues about it. If you come to think of it, these problems are only happening to probably a few thousands of Android devices out of

out there. However, the power of the internet to multiply the scare factor of posts about these issues have already taken its toll. We know we are guilty of it too although our intention is to help.

Anyway, if you want to delay installing Lollipop at a later date, you can always go to Settings>About device>Software update. Make sure that the box beside Auto update option is not checked so your phone will stop notifying you about the new available Android version.


Lockscreen PIN are changed into white boxes in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. Both myself and my wife have been having an issue with our Samsung Galaxy S5 phones since the upgrade to Android Lollipop. I’ve searched the internet but haven’t seen the problem we’ve spotted being mentioned.

We both use PIN Lock on our devices and what has been happening is that the characters on the pin lock screen become replaced with white blocks. It spreads across the screen over a number of days and it seems to break out in random places. Restarting the phone fixes it but the white blocks will come back and eventually obscure the entire screen.

It doesn’t affect the functionality, but it looks unclean. Have you encountered this? Thanks. — Ronan

Troubleshooting: Hi Ronan. This is a known issue and we are yet to find a fix for at this time. We mentioned this problem in some of your previous posts and it is isolated to Samsung Galaxy S5:

Even non-Samsung Android phones are randomly experiencing this problem so this must be tied to the new Android Lollipop patch. Hopefully, Google developers can come with a solution to this problem soon.

We will continue to monitor this case and will update our posts once we have a working solution.


How to get the KitKat missed call notification icon back after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: Hello. Since I updated to Lollipop with my Galaxy S5, every time there is a missed call it doesn’t show anymore that round orange sign with the number of calls inside it. It used to show in the right corner of the “phone icon” a round with number 3 or 4 inside, letting me know that I had 3 or 4 missed calls. Now i just get in the top bar a tiny tiny icon that shows an unanswered call, but no more on the phone icon. Any way to get that back? — Karol

Troubleshooting: Hi Karol. We get your point but there’s really nothing that we can do to get that type of notification back. Lollipop has been radically changed cosmetically so it looks different from its predecessor. It’s a design issue and unless Google will change it, there’s not much that we can do at the moment.


How to set up vibrate function in Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android Lollipop

Problem: Ever since the Lollipop update on my Samsung S5, I cannot seem to get the notifications to set to vibrate when I have the phone calls set to vibrate. When the sound is enabled, the phone does ring and the notifications do chirp. For some reason I can’t get them both to vibrate.  Thanks. — Frustrated S5 user

Troubleshooting: Hi Frustrated S5 user. The only way to change vibration settings for your notifications are found in

Settings > Sounds and notifications > Vibration intensity. Under vibration intensity, you have options when you can use the vibrate function:

  • Incoming call
  • Notifications
  • Haptic Feedback


How to remove troublesome pop-ups off Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello. I keep getting 2 apps that I have never installed to pop up at anytime for me to install.  If I tap my contacts button the app pops up.  Like yesterday I was in the middle of texting a word and the app popped up. If I swipe my screen to go to my home page it pops up one of the crazy apps.  At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but now it is just plain annoying.  I have not added any additional apps so I do not know why this is happening.  Is there a way to just get rid of these stupid apps? 

They are: 

  • Match™ Dating – Meet Singles ( LLC)
  • Vegas Casino Slots Free

I even went to the websites to see if I could find out how to get them off or to contact them and find out how to get them off.  It would be fine if they wouldn’t just keep popping up all the time. None of my other millions (it seems) apps do that, so why these 2? Thanks. — Becky

Troubleshooting: Hi Becky. Unwanted pop-ups are products of other third party apps allowing them, or malware. We hope it’s not the latter but the best thing that you can do right now is to wipe your phone clean. Please follow this link on how to perform a factory reset on your phone.

Keep in mind that a factory reset will delete everything on your phone so make sure you have a copy of your personal data before you proceed.


Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app showing “media server failed, need to restart…” error

Problem: Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and when I turn on the camera, most of the time it says “media server failed, need to restart…” How can I solve this problem? Thank u! — Henokfekadu15

Troubleshooting: Hi Henokfekadu15. This error is an indicator that your camera app is unable to start properly, thus it keeps on restarting everytime you attempt to use it. This problem can either be due to a software glitch or an issue with the storage device the app is using to save photos and videos.  You can try to delete the cache and data of your camera app first to see if that resolves the problem. Otherwise, try using another microSD card.


Tethering stops working after updating a Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I am having issues with my S5. All of a sudden it has stopped tethering. All is switched on and devices are seeing the hotspot. I have told my laptop and iPad to forget the old network and located the new hotspot along with the re named hotspot on my phone and the new password. Still not tethering. I have checked with my network provider who have stated everything is ok. I have how ever done a recent software update as requested by my device. Regards. — Dave

Troubleshooting: Hi Dave. Good job on checking with your service provider first if your account is still allowed to share internet connection via tethering option. The reason for this issue might be a software glitch after you downloaded and installed a new software update. Things to try:

Boot up phone in Safe mode. Always a good trick to do when troubleshooting software-related issues. This helps you isolate is a third party application is causing the trouble.

Clear the phone’s system cache. Usually recommended if there are performance issues after a major update.

Perform a factory reset. If things come to worse, wiping the phone resolves many software bugs.

Let us know if nothing works so we can update this post for other solutions.


Auto rotate won’t work in Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Now and CarHome Ultra apps

Problem: I was wondering why the phone screen won’t rotate to landscape view when using the phone in a car kit? If you use some aftermarket carkit apps it will go into landscape mode, but not if you’re using Google Now, CarHome Ultra,  etc. — Dave

Troubleshooting: As mentioned above, we are still trying to find out the reason why the auto-rotate function of some Android phones have been disabled, particularly after a software update. Please continue to visit our blog for solutions in the future.


Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot make a call when connected to trusted device Motorola Roadster 2 because PIN is enabled

Problem: Hi DroidGuy. I have an AT&T Galaxy S5 that has been updated to Lollipop. Supposedly with the update, a trusted device should unlock my phone.  I have paired a Motorola Roadster 2 with my S5 and set it as a trusted device. When I attempt to initiate a phone call from the Roadster I get a beep like the phone is responding, but it never makes the call.  If I manually unlock the phone with my PIN, the phone then starts making the call I had attempted.  Of course this defeats the purpose of trying to set things up to be hands free.

Do you have any solutions for allowing me to actually utilize the Bluetooth device to initiate calls without having to “touch” the S5?  I really thought that the Lollipop update would solve this issue since it would allow identifying “trusted devices”. Thanks. — Bob

Troubleshooting: Hi Bob. Actually you are right. Your Samsung Galaxy S5’s PIN security should be bypassed once your phone is connected to a trusted device. The main reason why trusted device feature is made available by Samsung is to make it more convenient for users when they are in a certain relatively “secured” environment. Your phone assumes that your data will be in a secure environment mainly because it is hooked up to a trusted agent like your Motorola Roadster 2. That the feature doesn’t work in your case is interesting.

We recommend that you try to re-establish a connection between the two devices by going to Settings>Security>Advanced>Smart Lock.

Once you are in this screen, try to reconfigure Smart Lock. If it still doesn’t work, try to check if Smart Lock is enabled under “Trust Agents” section. That should resolve the problem.


Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps on loading unwanted apps and pop-ups

Problem: Hey, my name is Jennifer I have a Galaxy S5. And for a couple weeks now my phone has been loading app ads constantly. Kind of like it has a virus in it. I can just be texting and something will just load and pop up with the app store and an ad. I can’t figure out what is wrong with it. Any help would be great thank you! — Jennifer

Troubleshooting: Hi Jennifer. We hope that none of your personal data has been compromised if your suspicion of a virus residing in your phone is true. We suggest that you do a factory reset whenever you are ready to ensure that these pop-ups won’t be coming back as well as delete possible malware in your system. Just follow this link on how to perform a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner not working showing “Fingerprint scanner failed to load. Please reboot and try again.”error

Problem: Hey. I’ve had my GS5 for a few months now, never using the finger print scanner. Just today I went to set it up, and I got an error message saying an error has occurred with the scanner. I tried restarting my phone, force stopping the finger scanning app and clearing  the cache, but nothing has resolved the issue. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you. — Sean

Troubleshooting: Hi Sean. We can only do so much when trying to fix a fingerprint scanner issue. We hope there is no hardware issues involved here but we still recommend that you check the status of the sensor first and foremost. You can do so simply running a scan of your finger again just like when you first do it. However, if this has been your issue initially and the device has been giving you the error “Fingerprint scanner failed to load. Please reboot and try again.”, the next best thing to do is to perform a factory reset. There is no other known solution for a fingerprint scanner issue aside from this. If that does’t work still, consider getting a replacement phone.

Do not attempt to root your phone as what other forums are suggesting to get the scanner to work. In our experience, it’s a waste of time and not that effective, especially after Lollipop was release.


Selfie stick does not work on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I can’t get my selfie stick to work on my Samsung S5 and I have downloaded camera 360 as well. — S.arnold2

Troubleshooting: Hi S.arnold2. We understand that a selfie stick only acts as an extension of a user’s hand when taking a selfie and it should not affect the internal workings of a device or an app. Can you give us more details on the problem? We will update this post accordingly once we receive more information about what’s happening. Thanks!


ENT Federal Credit Union mobile app keeps on showing “connection is untrusted…” error when app is loaded in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I was told I could email you to see if you can possibly help me with my problem.  I have the ENT Federal Credit Union mobile app on my Galaxy S5 and it’s been running fine but last night ENT did an update on their website and now whenever I try to access the app , I’m told that the connection is untrusted. Is that a problem with my phone or a problem with ENT and I need to talk to them about that? Thank you. — Audrey

Troubleshooting: Hi Audrey. If nothing was changed in your network in terms of equipment (modem/router) and internet account details, the problem is most likely stemming from the app itself. We suggest that you contact your bank so they can accordingly tell their IT department or the developer that an error shows up whenever a valid account holder uses the app.


Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps rebooting when playing 3D games

Problem: Hello guys. First of all thank you for this helpful forum.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) which have problems. It keep restarting by itself, even when I just scroll pages( I keep NFC and Network data always off, I just use my home Wi-Fi). The other problem is in opening 3D games, they all stops while opening causing the cell phone to restart.

I downloaded Antutu benchmark and other benchmarks to see if it will pass the tests, but surprisingly I discovered that when it starts the 3d test, they stops or they make the phone crash and restart. I tried to restore factory data and wipe cache more than 10 times but this was not a solution. So I upgrade it to Lollipop 5.0 which I found it slightly better because the number of restarting decreased a lot, but still the problem of running 3d games (Robocop, Real Racing 3 etc..) remains. It still stops and reboot after opening. Please help! — MEDY

Troubleshooting: Hi Medy. We checked these games you mentioned and they are fully compatible with your S5. Robocop, for instance, still runs well on a colleague’s S3, which is slightly inferior in terms of hardware specifications to your S5. This suggests that your phone may be having a hard time playing these games probably because of an issue in its graphics card or central processing unit. The reboots can be an indicator that the phone may be getting too warm or overheating when trying to run these games, which is odd. Please have the phone checked by a professional to see the condition of its hardware, or better still get it replaced.



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  1. Hi, I was given a Retrak selfie stick by my friends. It paired easily with my Samsung S3. I now have a Samsung S5 Neo. I managed to get the devices to ‘find each other’ but when trying to pair them, I get the message “Unable to communicate with Retrak Selfie Stick”. Under the Camera settings, I changed the ‘Volume keys function’ from ‘Take pictures’ to ‘Zoom’ to ‘Record Video’, but still get the same message. This is a new phone so it does not have an older software version.
    Am I missing a step somewhere?
    DLevesque – 25 Feb 2017

  2. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (lolipop 5.0) and i am not able to found tethering and mobile hotspot gadget in my mobile phone. Please help me

  3. Hello,
    I was given a selfie stick at a tech event recently and it worked just fine on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active because it had an option to set the volume key to take a picture. I recently upgraded to a S5 Active. Now the selfie stick will not work. It is the kind that plugs into the headset port. I did find a volume control option in the camera settings, but it only allows zoom or video. I am a bit confused why Samsung would set the video option and not the take a picture option when they know selfie sticks are growing in popularity. Please correct this by adding the option back to set the volume key to take a picture.

  4. My wife and I bought a selfie stick and it works just fine in my galaxy s5 but it does not work in my wife’s phone. Also when she plugs in her headphones she cannot adjust the volume with the headphones but I can with my phone. Is there a setting messed up in her phone and how do we get it fixed?

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