Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 60]

Hey Guys! Welcome to another post of your Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooter series.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 screen stops working due to liquid damage

Problem: Hi DroidGuy. Please see below the technical report from Samsung for my S5 which got water damaged in a pool 🙁

The phone is working fine except for the touchscreen. It switches on, receives calls and WhatsApp/Facebook messages. However Samsung service center guys claim that warranty lapses as there is water damage.  Any thoughts please? — Sid

Troubleshooting: Hi Sid. We have checked the attached service report. A lot of things can happen due to water or liquid damage to any electronic device. Among the most common outcome for mobile devices though is a broken display, like the one in your case. Having been checked by a professional, your only option here is either to have the display replaced or to just get a new phone. Our blog does not offer hardware advice as they demand high level of expertise from users and do not always work. We also won’t recommend any attempts to replace the screen even by a certified technician as other components in the motherboard may have been exposed to liquid as well. That means there are other potential problems waiting to happen after some time. Try calling your service provider and see how they can assist you in having your phone replaced. If this phone was purchased in a retail store, you may have to consider investing some more to getting a new phone.


Samsung Galaxy S5 showing error 503 when trying to install an app from Google Play Store

Problem: Every time I try to install a new app from the Google Play Store, I get error 503. I have a one month old Samsung Galaxy S5. I found suggestions that I remove several apps and that I put my phone in airplane mode for a few hours then try again. Neither worked.  Can you help? I’ve seen a lot of traffic about the same problem but no definitive answers. Please help. — Willy

Troubleshooting: Hi Willy. Some of our Samsung Galaxy S3 owners encountered this particular error before. The problem appears to stem from corrupt Google Play Store app so what you must do is to clear its cache, and if necessary, its data too.

  • From any Home screen, tap Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll to APPLICATIONS, then tap Application manager.
  • Go to All tab.
  • Scroll to and tap Google Play Store.
  • Tap Clear cache button.
  • Tap Clear data button,
  • Hit OK of prompted.

You can hit the Clear data option if clearing the cache won’t do anything.

Let us know if this solution won’t resolve the problem so we can continue monitoring the problem.


Issues after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: Hi DroidGuy. My name is Stephanie and I am having a lot of problems with my mom’s Galaxy S5. I bought one for myself in black and used it for two weeks and then I bought another one in white for myself and gave the black one to my mom. It was working fine while I had it and also for her until she downloaded the Lollipop software. After that it freezes non stop and back to the start screen. Over and over again. It will show the “unfortunately ( any random application ) has stopped working” message. Even a few in a row sometimes and then the phone just starts over. I went into Best buy and the Samsung guy there said he wiped my phone clean and rebuilt the software or something like that. It didn’t help at all. It is so awful my mom went back to her Galaxy S3. It has been sitting on a shelf not in use for 3 months now. Any idea of what I can do? I also have not downloaded the Lollipop software yet and I scared to know. — Stephanie

Troubleshooting: Hi Stephanie. This is apparently a software issue. You can do two things to resolve the problem. First, clear the cache partition of the device by doing the following steps:

  • Turn the phone off.
  • Press and hold the following buttons: Power, Volume Up, and Home simultaneously.
  • Once you feel the phone vibrates, release the Power button only. Keep holding the two other buttons.
  • Once the boot menu appears, release the two other buttons.
  • Highlight Wipe cache partition option using the Volume buttons then select it using the Power button.
  • Select Reboot System Now after clearing the cache.
  • Wait for the device to restart.

Another thing you can do is to perform a factory reset on your mom’s phone. This is the suggested solution from both Google and Samsung  if a user encounters multiple errors after a Lollipop update. This should resolve the problem on your first phone. Please let us know if the problem remains after doing these solutions.


Samsung Galaxy S5 screen does not turn off during calls but blacks out afterwards

Problem: While talking with the phone to my ear, the screen does not go black, but when pulled away from ear it goes black and has to be unlocked to see the screen. — Gary

Troubleshooting: Hi Gary. Please check the settings of the phone’s proximity sensor, the hardware that detects how close a thing is to the surface of the screen. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 uses this sensor to detect how close your face is pressed up against the screen like when you are making a call. While talking to the phone, the proximity sensor also tries to detect talk activity and locks the keypad to prevent accidental a user from pressing keys.

To test the functionality of this sensor, please follow these steps:

  • Open the phone dialer app and dial *#7353#.
  • Find Proximity sensor and tap it.
  • Hover your hand on top of the screen and see if the test tells you the sensor is working.

If the test results to negative, i.e., the sensor may not be working properly, consider having the phone replaced by Samsung, your service provider, or the retailer where you bought it from.


Water-damaged Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped charging after it was dropped in the shower

Problem: Hi there. A few weeks ago I was listening to the music from my phone in the bathroom and in the mist of changing the song the phone dropped and broke open on the shower floor while the shower was going! I quickly dried it off, turned it on to see if it worked, turned it off then chucked it in rice and left in a hot water cupboard for a few days. It worked as normal however the front camera lens had black blotches on it, this eventually came right and the phone was working fine again.

After a few days I started having charging problems where I had to firmly hold the charger in for the phone to charge. I brought a new battery because I thought that it would’ve been damaged from the water, still didn’t charge. I then went to a phone repair shop to get the charging port replaced because I thought if it wasn’t my battery or my charger must be the port. The phone repair guy said it he replaced the port but the phone still won’t charge! Are you able to give me an idea on what the problem is? Like I said the phone is fully functional and works normally but it just won’t charge!

Hope you can give me some insight J — Alex

Troubleshooting: Hi Alex. Water damage can cause a variety of problems. If all three– battery, charger, charging port– appears to be working, there may be a motherboard component that’s somehow linked to the charging that has failed. At this point, the problem can be any part on the motherboard and you may have to ask the service center to do a more exhaustive checkup on your device.  This is definitely not a software issue that we resolve here.

Please consider getting a replacement phone from Samsung or your service provider.


Reason why the headphone icon is always on in the notification panel of Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop

Problem: My phone has the headphone icon always on and I can’t get rid of it since this stupid update.  I can only use the phone with headphones or on speaker. I did a factory reboot and that didn’t do anything. Can you figure this one out? No one else seems to be able to – including the place where I bought the phone.  — Lisa

Troubleshooting: Hi Lisa. The cause of the problem can either be software or hardware in nature. To check if it has a software side, try to delete the phone’s cache partition and re-install the music apps you are using.

There are a few cases though that the headset icon in the notification bar may be due to malfunctioning hardware, specifically the headphone jack. Try to clean the headphone jack gently by making sure there are no dirt or foreign object that may have triggered a small switch that detects a plugged-in headphone. At times, if this switch is jammed, it may tell the phone that a headphone is connected when, in fact, it’s the opposite. If you don’t have a cleaning liquid handy, alcohol can do the job for you. DO NOT USE WATER!


App lost ability to block calls after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. My problem is that my Galaxy S5 did an update I didn’t want and since then I am missing my feature for blocking calls which I like because I could block all call except the people in my contacts, I still received the blocked calls numbers except I didn’t have to hear it ring I would like that back. Thank you. — Lynn

Troubleshooting: Hi Lynn. If you are using a third party app for blocking contacts, please ensure that the said is fully updated. Because Lollipop was released a few months back, a decent developer should have, by now, already created a patch to make this app compatible with the new operating system. Your concern can best be answered by the developer of your app so you may want to contact them about this.


“Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working” error on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi there 🙂 I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 less than a month ago and over the past few days I’ve had an error message pop up when I’ve accessed Snapchat, the app then crashes with the message “Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working”. I have sent 3 reports from the message but I have had no changes or contact to say what could be the problem. I looked through your exhaustive list of troubleshoots but I could only find a correction for “your Samsung Galaxy has stopped working” which I am thankfully without.

Any help on my issue of “Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working” would be greatly appreciated as any suggestions on forums such as resetting the phone or clearing the cache or data has proven to not fix the problem.

I’m a first time Android user and I bought the phone based on its hardware, not realizing the software (Lollipop 5.0) wasn’t up to scratch.

Hope you can help. — Tom

Troubleshooting: Hi Tom. If an app starts to behave erratically, it’s always recommended that you delete the cache and/or data. If you haven’t done this before, just follow the steps we provided above for Willy.

Keep in mind that clearing the app’s data will result to the deletion of your app information, log-ins, and personalizations. This process is similar in nature to re-installing the app itself.


Music app does not find downloaded songs in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I have a problem with my S5. I lost some of my songs which I downloaded. Just after downloading I launch Music app and the downloaded songs are not there. Then I enter in My Files, and find those songs. I have this problem in the past and I do factory data reset. But I am tired of it. Looking for your answer. Greetings from Montenegro. — Balsa

Troubleshooting: Hi Balsa. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of performing a factory reset, try clearing your Music app’s cache and data.


 “Email sync disabled – …”  error on Samsung Galaxy S5 after updating to Lollipop

Problem: I’m using a Galaxy S5 and I can barely go 1 day without checking my email and getting a message “Email sync disabled – [email protected]”. I then have to go into my email settings and select sync email. For some reason the email sync is getting disabled. But not by me. I am using the standard email app that comes  with  the phone. I’m syncing to an Office 365 email account. Any ideas?

I just did the latest system update and it still happens. Any help would be great appreciated. — Steve

Troubleshooting: Hi Steve. Please clear the phone’s cache partition or your email app’s cache and data. Because the problem started occurring after a major update, you want to do a factory reset if deleting the cache won’t work.

Deleting your email app’s data means you are virtually re-installing the app. Make sure you know how to re-configure your email settings afterwards by preparing needed information (if applicable) like your server addresses, ports, etc.


Overheating after Lollipop update, battery issue after Lollipop update, Unable to pick a different screenlock on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hey guys! I have three issues with my Galaxy S5. The first one is that after my last update, my S5 occasionally overheats when taking photos or trying to record a video. And it’s relatively quick too, 3-5 pictures in and 5-6 minutes of video (that is including pausing, not continuous video.) Second, When I first got it the battery life was pretty short. The first update helped extend the battery, but now it goes back and forth. Some days I barely make it home with any battery life, and other days it barely uses any battery. It does not matter on the usage either cause it is pretty consistent every day. The last one is that after the last update, I had an option to use the fingerprint lock. I registered my fingerprint and tried it for a week. I found it to be a hassle for everyday use and wanted to go back to the swipe as my lock. Well, it wouldn’t let me deregister my prints. I finally got around that by setting a pattern lock. But swipe and none are no longer locking options. I can still see them, but they are greyed out and nothing happens when they are clicked on. I have tried all the YouTube videos and advice from friends to no avail. When I Googled the overheating problem it told me to factory reset, but I really didn’t want to have to go to that extreme. I am hoping you have some answers and easier solutions. Thank you! — Rebecca

Troubleshooting: Hi Rebecca. Let’s answer your concerns one by one.

  1. If your phone overheats while using the camera, that’s definitely not normal. Try to clear the phone’s cache partition and do a factory reset if the problem remains. These are the only solutions that a user can do if he or she suspects there’s a software issue going on. However, if the real reason for the problem is hardware in nature, which is unlikely, your only course of action is to ask for a replacement unit. Overheating can be an indication of a failing hardware component on your phone so it’s best if you can secure a new phone instead of trying to fix it head on.
  2. Your second concern about your battery not giving enough juice to last the day can be remedied by our tutorial page. This post talks about how to extend the life of your battery so it should be very helpful for you in this case.
  3. To enable back the rest of your lockscreen options, disable the current fingerprint lock first then set your screen lock to None. After doing that set your preferred screen lock once again. You can also go to Settings>Security>Clear Credentials to remove a possible security layer on your phone that you may have forgotten.


“Unfortunately music has been stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I have Samsung Galaxy S5. Now when I start my official music app it always says “Unfortunately music has been stopped”.

So please help me. — Siddanth

Troubleshooting: Hi Siddanth. Please use the steps provided above on how to delete the cache and/or data of your music app above.


Multiple performance and battery issues after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. I have got your mail address from a site. I have some issues related to Galaxy S5 which I want to solve immediately because it is really frustrating. Thought you could help.

I’ve recently got Lollipop 5.0 update on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM G900H) and after the updates but after the update I’m facing various problems such as:

  1. My phone has become very slow as it takes times to open the app.
  2. It hangs a lot.
  3. Using camera is like hell as it takes time to open, take pictures and to display it.
  4. Battery backup has been reduced.
  5. Unfortunately the app has been stopped dialog box appears frequently.
  6. And SD automatically remove and shows the dialogue box “SD Card has been removed unexpectedly.”

Please help me with this it’s really annoying. I have seen your suggestions. Mostly you recommend hard reset but I don’t want to do hard reset. Give me the solutions without hard reset if it is possible. Hope you could help. — Avin

Troubleshooting: Hi Avin. Two things: clear the phone’s cache partition and do a factory reset. Apparently, all these issues are due to Lollipop update. As you may have realized by now, this post has suggested factory reset in most cases. That’s because it works and that’s the only fix Google and Samsung can tell users to do about this problem.


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