Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 65]

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Galaxy S5 System UI has stopped working after uninstalling the Java Text Editor


Problem: I uninstalled the Java Text Editor and now it says that the System UI has stopped working and I can’t even click on any app or stop my music from playing. Help Please.Faith


Troubleshooting:  Hi Faith. It looks like you have removed a critical app that other applications need to function properly. Have you tried reinstalling the app? You may want to do a soft reset to your phone though prior to reloading it. This action refreshes the phone’s boot log and GUI (Graphical User Interface) thus causing it to function normally again. To do a soft reset, you need to press the power button until the screen shuts off. Wait for a couple of minutes then turn it back on. Removing the battery is also recommended so we can snuff out whatever battery life it has left. Once the phone powers back on, try going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Clear the app cache of each application you have installed. Don’t worry, this will not erase any data you may have with these apps. It will only clean the unnecessary files. Open Google Play (if it still works) and reinstall the Java Text Editor.  If you don’t really need it and find no reason to reinstall it, consider uninstalling other apps that may be affecting your phone in general. Most users complained that this error is mostly caused by the latest version of the Facebook app and Face Lock. Search for these apps under your applications menu and make sure that you have included these when you cleared the cache. Removing both applications would yield a favorable result as well. You can instead use the earlier version of the Facebook app. You may also need to clean the phone’s cache partition to enhance its performance and delete temporary files that the Android operating system has created in order to get rid of any files that may have caused the error. To Wipe Cache Partition:

  • Turn off your Galaxy S5 by holding the power button down until the screen darkens.
  • Once it’s completely off, simultaneously press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons.
  • Release the Power button once you feel the phone vibrates once. Keep pressing on the Home and Volume Up buttons until the boot menu appears on the screen.
  • Scroll down to the wipe cache partition option using the Volume Down key and select it using the Power button.
  • Once it’s done, choose reboot system now in order to get back to the phone’s normal boot.

The phone should be clear of any files related to the Java Text Editor and should function as normal. If it still doesn’t work, the remaining options are either to perform a factory/master reset or make room for Java Text Editor in your memory card. Either way, your issue gets resolved. The only difference is the process and what you will lose along the line. A master reset will wipe everything from your phone’s memory and gets it back to default settings so make sure to back up your files first prior to doing the action. Reinstalling the app will only cause a small amount of memory loss from your memory card. It’s your call.


Galaxy S5 encountered multiple issues after the Lollipop update


Problem: The Lollipop update has ruined my phone. The battery doesn’t last half as long as it used to even without using it. It keeps freezing while I’m texting and some of my apps don’t work anymore. My Facebook app rarely works now after the update. I’ve even deleted it and then reinstalled but it still messes up. I did not have one problem with my Galaxy S5 until the update. I just want the original version back.Cody Sanders

Related Problem:

Hi. I recently downloaded the Lollipop update for my Galaxy S5 and for some reason it has been trying to charge the battery every 5 seconds and it hasn’t stopped for like a week now. I didn’t have this issue until I downloaded Lollipop and it’s frustrating because I can’t find the solution. Everything runs perfectly fine on the phone. It’s just once I unplug my phone from the charger, it will try to charge itself and it drains the battery super-fast. Every hour is about 10% of my battery usage. Once the phone gets to about 15%, it acts like its usual self without this problem. I was wondering if you have any solution as to why this problem is occurring. Thank you.Kaleb Godfrey


Troubleshooting: Hi Cody and Kaleb. I understand how frustrating and draining it can be to deal with this matter after a supposedly seamless transition from KitKat to Lollipop. Numerous users also encountered the same fate as you right after the update. It is common knowledge that new operating systems come with some bugs that are gradually fixed with updates. Luckily enough, we have a number of ways to try and alleviate the situation.

Google is said to be releasing a build that could fix this poor battery life. Build 5.0.1 should be delivered to consumers via OTA (Over-the-Air) through network operators. However, at the moment, it is only available for Nexus 5 and it may take 2 months the least before it gets available on Samsung devices. In the time being, as a workaround, check and see what is causing the battery to drain unusually fast by going to Settings>Applications>Battery Usage. If there is a specific application that is consuming a lot of power – which happens with older third-party apps that haven’t been upgraded for the new OS – remove it. If the battery status is the same after deleting the said app, you can always reinstall it. It is also noteworthy to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use as frequent scanning of other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices can greatly drain the battery. If none of these conserved the battery juice, a factory/master reset is recommended. Don’t forget to create a backup for all of your personal files before taking this step. Here are additional tips to extend your smartphone’s battery juice.

  • Always restart/soft reset your phone every so often. This may sound simple but could just be the fix you’re looking for.
  • Lower down the screen’s brightness and apply shorter screen timeouts.
  • Check your phone for any running apps and close them. Just tap the Home button to get the Overview page to come up. Just swipe the running apps off the screen to close them.
  • Turn off haptics. Haptic feedbacks use a huge deal of battery power when used.
  • Learn to use the Power Saving Mode of the Galaxy S5 that can make the device lasts for 24 hours.
  • Always have a spare battery or power bank with you especially if you go out of the house. You can check out the 38 best power banks if you don’t own one yet.

As for the freezing and app issues, you can choose to Wipe Cache Partition as this clears the cache of your Galaxy S5 and should resolve most update problems. The good part with this is that it doesn’t delete any files from the device but you should still be extra careful in following the steps. Please see above on how to Wipe Cache Partition.

If all that fails, then what you can do is wait for the bug fix to be released to your specific phone.


Galaxy S5 has issues recognizing the SD card after Lollipop update


Problem: Hi. I have an AT&T Galaxy S5 and ever since the update to the Lollipop 5.0, I have been having issues like everyone else. I fixed a majority of these issues by doing a factory reset. But I’m still having problems with my external 128GB micro SD card. The phone still has a problem recognizing / reading it.  I would try to un-mount the card and physically remove it from my phone and then re-insert it. The phone would read the micro SD card and it would work fine for a couple of hours but then it has a problem reading the card again. My card worked prior to the update. Is there any other solutions that I might be able to try and solve my issue? Thank you.Gale Medina


Troubleshooting: Hello Gale. You did an impressive job in resolving most of the problems you have with your Galaxy S5 after the update. A factory reset is indeed useful and proven effective in fixing these types of issues. Regarding with your SD card, you are not the first to report this. A handful of Android users who upgraded to Lollipop experienced performance lapses with the external memory card. Have you tried inserting the said card to a different device and see if it works? You can try it on your laptop or in a different Android phone. If it works, then it is your Galaxy S5’s memory card slot that is not functioning properly. We can conclude that the SD card is set to FAT32 file format as it has been briefly recognized by your device. Hence, a bug maybe causing this. Like other post update issues, we still recommend to wipe the device’s cache partition. It has been proven to resolve most problems caused by the Lollipop update. Please see post above on the steps of doing the Wipe Cache Partition. If problem persists, contact your network service provider for assistance or the free Samsung support line. You may end up replacing the external SD card if it’s no longer compatible with the new firmware.


Galaxy S5 is unable to load pictures/videos in Facebook


Problem: Hi. I have the Galaxy S5 which is fairly new. All was fine until 2 days ago when the pictures/videos stopped loading in Facebook. Blank squares come up looking like they’re trying to load or with x’s. Also, I have lost some of my contacts with no rhyme or reason as to which ones. It is very frustrating. Any ideas?Nadia Murphy


Troubleshooting: Hello Nadia. This looks like a browser lag issue to me. Can you access other websites (especially those with images) fine? A couple of things that we need to look at:

  • The most important note is to make sure that your internet connection is strong whether you’re on Wi-Fi or data connectivity. Disconnect and reconnect from the network and see if it resolves the issue.
  • If you’re using a browser like Chrome or the stock one, make it a habit to clear its cache on a regular basis. A corrupt cache content can cause such scenarios to happen. Watch this detailed video on how to clear the browser cache.
  • If you are using the Facebook app, clear its cache and data by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Refreshing the data stored in the app can also resolve browsing and loading issues. You can login again afterwards.
  • See to it that the application you are using is up to date. You may access the Google Play Store to download the latest update.
  • The last thing to do is to Wipe Cache Partition on your Galaxy S5 in order to clean out all temporary cache and files from your device.

As to the missing contacts, this may be caused by a bug or a defective memory unit. Always scan your device for any threats and malwares that may affect the contacts list. You can use an antivirus app for that. Also make sure that the device firmware is up to date so as to fix any bugs that may have been added during the last update. If you are saving your contacts in the external SD card, un-mounting and remounting the memory unit is effective in resolving storage errors. If it is stored on a SIM, the card may be corrupted and needs to be formatted or replaced. Hope this helps.


Galaxy S5 music application has stopped working


Problem: Dear sirs. My Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps telling me that the music application has unfortunately stopped. Could you please help me solve this problem? Thank you.Primrose Muwanga


Troubleshooting: Hi Primrose. You’ve come to the right place. An error like this usually occurs when a specific application has corrupt cache stored. In this case, your music app may have some crooked temporary files. To alleviate this, go to Settings>Application Manager>All. Look for the music app on the list and open it. Perform a total app cleanup in this order:

  1. Press the force stop button.
  2. Press the clear cache button.
  3. Press the clear data button.  Clearing the data does not erase your music files but only the saved login credentials and custom app settings.

After you have pressed those buttons in order, restart your Galaxy S5. Try loading the music app again and see if the issue cleared, though this method resolves crashing issues ninety percent of the time. If it did not go well for you, uninstalling the app should be the best solution. You can always reinstall it right away and get fresh settings for it. Better yet, you can use a third party music player app instead and enjoy a different experience in playing your favorite music.


Galaxy S5 was unable to connect to a specific Wi-Fi


Problem: Hi. My problem is really weird. My S5 connects to every Wi-Fi around but one in the Marina. The Marina has two separate Wi-Fi connections: one for the restaurant and one for The Marina that covers the whole complex. I’ve been going there for a year now and never had this problem. The restaurant has no sign in requirements, but when you go outside and around the marina, you have to sign in to the other router. When I tried connecting, it says I have typed in the wrong username or password which is the same one I have been using and the office has not changed it. Everywhere else, I can hook up to the Wi-Fi fine. Thanks.Michael Kacan


Troubleshooting: Hi Michael. Based on the facts provided, we can conclude that there is nothing wrong with your Wi-Fi adapter as it can connect to other wireless hotspots without any problem. Since you’ve been a regular user with this specific connection, there is a possibility that the cached or remembered Wi-Fi data got corrupted. Did you make certain that the building administrator has not changed the username or password? If it’s the same logon credentials, the only solution is to refresh your connection with this target hotspot. To do that, you need to forget the network and turn off Wi-Fi. Just tap on the network name and choose Forget Network. Turn the Wi-Fi on again and allow it to search for available networks. Once you see the desired network on the list, tap it once in order to reconnect. Enter the correct password and wait for it to authenticate. You should now be able to browse your favourite websites again. Hope this helps.


Galaxy S5 applications are not working properly


Problem: Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which recently I’m unable to use because it keeps switching applications. I’m unable to use any application. If I am typing a message, it will switch to contacts in a flash. Can you help me identify the problem? Thank you.Lerrine Tommy

Related Problem:

My Galaxy S5 is doing several things. First of all, when I am on a phone call, it will call the person I am currently on the phone with. It has also dialed my voice mail in the middle of a call. It opens my messages or other apps while I am on the phone. The phone call icon is small and up in the left hand corner, and there will be several apps, or messages open and I have to close out of several things when my call is over. I have checked before I make the call, and there is NOTHING open. It will also dial numbers while I am on the phone, and you hear the beep as if you were pushing buttons, but I am not. The phone vibrates like I am picking it up the first time and I have a new message. This is all very annoying. Sometimes it will disconnect from the person I am talking to. This all started two days ago. I am ready to throw this piece of junk through the window. It is my first droid, and I am not a happy customer. I have had the phone since October, and I have had so many problems with it. Now add this to the list. Please help. Kathy Smith


Troubleshooting: Hi Lerrine and Kathy. Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your respective android phones. The issues you’ve described can be caused by a bug, a virus or even a faulty firmware. When did this start to happen? Did you download an application prior to this happening? To identify what causes this, let’s try out some troubleshooting and see if it will work.

  • Run the antivirus app installed on your phone. If it detects any threat, remove them all.
  • Clean all your applications of any temporary data. To do that, go under Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All and open each app. Inside is a button that says “clear cache”. Tap that button and notice your apps loading faster than before.
  • Perform a soft reset to your phone by holding the power button down until the screen turns off. Leave it off for a couple of minutes to allow the OS to refresh.
  • Switch to Safe Mode in order to verify if the issue is caused by a third party app or not. This mode disables all third party applications installed therefore if your phone runs smoothly in this mode, then a third party app is causing the trouble. Switch back to normal mode and locate which specific app is the culprit.
  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone in order to get rid of all temporary data from android. Since it is system based wipe, the entire phone structure would be wiped clean and virus free.
  • In the event that none of the above steps work, consider performing a hard reset to your device. This cleans your phone from any corrupt files and returns it back to factory default. Make sure that you have saved a backup copy of your files prior to doing this to avoid memory loss.

The last resort would be to contact Samsung support for assistance and or get them to replace your phone especially if it’s still within warranty.


Galaxy S5 is unable to open the Haypi Kingdom game app


Problem: I have had so much trouble with my Galaxy S5 active that AT&T has sent me 4 replacement phones. Now the one I have won’t let me open up a game app that I never had trouble with all other phones. The name of the game is Haypi Kingdom. When I touch the icon, it says, “Haypi Kingdom has stopped.” I have uninstalled the game and have taken the battery out for a few minutes. I cleared all the cache and data with no luck. What else can I try? – Tim


Troubleshooting: Hello Tim. It must have been a frustrating experience for you having to switch to multiple phones in a short span of time. What version of Android do you have with your current Galaxy S5? It seems that this game is not supported in the Lollipop platform. Therefore, if your phone is running the Android Lollipop, there is no chance that the game would load. Not unless you are open to the idea of rooting your device in order to install a prior Android firmware like Kitkat, which the game is compatible with. If you are not on Lollipop, other applications may be preventing this game to load. Consider going into Safe Mode and see if it loads. If it does, try to identify which app is causing the mishap and remove it. It is also recommended that you visit the Haypi Kingdom page for more information and assistance. Hope this clarifies.



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