Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions [Part 56]


Hello there beloved readers! Welcome to the 56th part of the Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooting series. We know how crazy you are with this device thus we want to make sure that it is working hundred percent of the time. Well, let’s get real, we may have some issues here and there but there’s nothing that we can’t resolve. From the easiest to the hardest, the smallest to the biggest, we are always here to aid you. These troubleshooting episodes are always free and accessible anytime. Hope you find this specific article helpful. Dig in!


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Samsung Galaxy S5 download issues with the FB app


Problem: Hi! I recently reset my phone back to its original settings due to the Whiz Home app and when I tried installing the Facebook app, it didn’t show the arrows for downloading so I checked the status to see how long it would take but there was no indication as to when the download would be complete. So after an hour, I turned my phone off and went to bed, then turned my phone back on when I woke up the next morning and the download arrows appeared which states that it has  9% left to complete the download. Why is this happening? Regards.  – Paul


Troubleshooting: Hi Paul! I hope the Facebook app downloaded completely to your phone. There is only one good reason why that’s happened on your first download attempt. Your phone is still on the process of refreshing its firmware as it has just been reset to its factory settings. Turning your phone off is one way of doing a soft reset which triggered your device to function normally again. Have you tried downloading another app afterwards? If you have, did it download perfectly fine with the download arrows appearing throughout the process? If yes, then there’s no need to worry as your phone is working as it should. If no, try turning the device off one more time and let it rest for a few minutes. Consider turning the Wi-Fi off as well to refresh the connection. You should have it working again. If not, another hard reset should do the trick.


Samsung Galaxy S5 problems in taking pictures – storage error


Problem: Hi droid guy. My Samsung Galaxy S5 can’t take pictures. Every time I open my camera, it tells me that the phone storage is full and I should free some files. My phone’s internal memory is 14GB and I’ve used just 3GB. I can download games and other stuffs but I can’t take pictures. Please help droid guy. — John Doe


Troubleshooting: Hello John. This insufficient storage issue normally appears when a large app, video or picture is transferred from your phone’s internal memory to an external storage.  This would cause the cache data to not be properly erased, hence, causing a cache saturation. These unnecessary cache data are saved in the trash folder of your phone which clear on its own sometimes. However, when large media files are being transferred, it can somehow lag the cache data. There are different ways to fix this issue. If deleting some apps did not help, consider performing a dumpstate clearance. To do this, open up your dialer and dial *#9900# which will access the SysDump menu. Select Delete dumpstate/logcat to erase the cache files. This fixes the issue most of the time. If it doesn’t, you may try the second method. This involves downloading a 2MB app from the Google Play Store which is the App Cache Cleaner. Install the app and run it. Inside the said app you will find each applications that have large cache data stored. You can opt to either delete each one of your choosing or delete all. Exit the application and restart your phone. You should be able to use the camera without any storage errors. The last method is a total format of your phone memory. This will delete everything including the running applications and cache data respectively. Hope this helps.


Samsung Galaxy S5 auto downloaded MMS after the firmware update


Problem: When receiving picture texts prior to the last update, I had to physically turn on my phone data so I could control how much I used. Since it auto updated, the picture messages downloaded automatically without me clicking on download. It is using my small amount of data and is causing me to go over my megabits which is a huge problem. How do I fix this? Thank you.Mindy White


Troubleshooting: Hi Mindy. This can be utterly frustrating especially when you want to use the extra network data for other important things. This scenario can be caused by a malware which is automatically turning on your mobile data. If this is the case, make sure to scan your phone for any malwares using an antivirus you have installed. There is also a possibility that the mobile data has been turned on the whole time. That is, it was not turned off at all after the update. You may want to check it under Settings>Wireless and Network>Mobile Networks. Make sure that the Use packet data and Data roaming options are unchecked. There is also an app that will prevent your device from giving the mobile data network access to the internet. This app is totally free and works well with other app protector software. You can download the Auto Disable Data Connection app from the Google Play Store. You will have the liberty to manually turn it on if the need arises.


Multiple issues encountered on Samsung Galaxy S5 after the Lollipop update


Problem: I found your website while Googling for info about a couple of problems I’m having since installing Lollipop. First, the auto brightness setting for the screen works very slowly, if at all.  For the time being I’ve disabled it and chosen a manual setting. Second, I am repeatedly getting an on-screen message that says “Can’t connect with Google at the moment” after hitting send on a text message.  I’ve had the S5 for nearly 2 years and have never seen that before the new installation. Third, I much preferred the little icon notifications at the top of the home screen when the phone is locked, rather than the new notification bars that appear all the way across the screen when it is locked.  I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. I hope a “corrections update” will be coming soon.DJ


Troubleshooting: Hello DJ. That’s a handful of issue for a newly installed Lollipop. Let’s tend to each one:

This auto brightness issue affects many Samsung devices after the update, most notably with the Galaxy S5. In fact, if you search the internet, a lot of android users are complaining about this. Auto Brightness makes it ten times longer to dim the screen than it does to brighten it. With the Lollipop update, if you have noticed, they have added the Adaptive Brightness feature. It is like quasi-autobrightness. It means that you are setting a range of available brightness levels when this feature is activated, so if you have set the display brightness to 50%, the phone may only adjust it to between 40% and 70% brightness in a given scenario. This is opposed to the complete auto brightness which typically gives you the full spectrum of brightness adjustments depending on the ambient light. The full automatic brightness is often slow as it would try to level with what your eyes perceive. You have already performed the workaround which is to manually adjust the brightness. Samsung has not released a permanent fix yet. However, if you have a rooted phone, you can install the Xposed Module app so that your S5 will react to a darkened environment just as quickly as it does to a brightened one. Note that this app is for rooted devices only. Follow the steps in downloading the Xposed Module Installer app and don’t hesitate to get assistance if you are unsure of the process.

Pertaining to the error you got when sending a text message, would the SMS still send successfully even with the error present or it won’t send at all? Does this happen with both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections? I would recommend checking your mobile network connection and make sure that you have enough signal to send the text message across to the recipient. You are the first person to experience this issue as no one has reported this case after they installed the update. Typically, an error message like this is caused by a mobile network failure. I would recommend you contact your carrier service provider and let them sort this out.

The third issue is very common to those who upgraded to Lollipop. A subset of users has complained about this functionality and share the same sentiment as you. Unfortunately, Samsung has not released a workaround to this yet. Let’s just hope that one day they’ll realize how complicated this process is and create a viable solution.


Samsung Galaxy S5 displays an incorrect time


Problem: Hello. I bought my S5 in late November 2014. Everything was working fine until a few weeks ago, when I noticed that my time displays change time throughout the course of the day. The real time will be 10:30AM, but the lock screen and top time display on my phone’s homepage will say 9:30AM, meanwhile my weather app display on my home screen will display the correct time. During the past week, the lock screen and home screen showed the time as being an hour behind real time, while my weather app showed that it was 7:30PM – more than 12 hours ahead of real time. It seems to be specific to when I’m at work but I’m not 100% sure that it doesn’t happen outside of work as well. How can I fix this?  It’s driving me crazy. Many thanks in advance!Samantha


Troubleshooting:  Hi Samantha. It is indeed important that the time display is correct throughout the day as some phone functions won’t work properly if it’s not. In most cases, date and time are set automatically by using the network-provided time. Is this the case with your phone? You mentioned that this mostly happens at work which could be under a different time setting in which your phone automatically picked up using the data provided by your network. You can try to remove the sim card for a couple of minutes just to refresh the network. Have you tried manually setting the time? To do this, you need to turn off the Automatic date and time option under Settings>Date and Time. Once it’s off, you can now manually set the correct time. You can also manually set the time zone to make sure that your phone is under the right one. Turn off your S5 afterwards to refresh the settings and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. If it still doesn’t display the correct time, the phone’s firmware may have been corrupted and needs to be reset to its factory setup. You can perform the hard reset after making sure that you back up your personal files. Hope this helps.


Performance Issues on Samsung Galaxy S5 after the Lollipop update


Problem: Hey Fellas! I recently did the ATT update on my Samsung S5 and now my phone is awful. My emails won’t load on outlook. It’s very slow, freezes up in every app, goes back to the home screen in the middle of looking at Facebook, and when I swipe to unlock my phone, it goes to my “phone” and not to my home screen, just to name a few of the issues. I’ve taken the battery out, tried to restart, left the phone off for quite a while hoping that a soft reset would help fix these issues but to no avail. Any suggestions as to help me? Let me know. Thanks.Barb


Troubleshooting: Hello Barb. We do appreciate your effort in trying to fix it yourself by performing a soft reset to your phone. However, we need to isolate if this is indeed a firmware issue or something that is caused by an incompatible app. The first thing that we can try is clearing the phone’s cache partition. A clean cache partition can eliminate crashing, freezing and performance issues on your phone. Follow these easy steps on how to clear the cache partition:

  • Turn off the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Home, Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the device vibrates.
  • Release the said buttons once the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Scroll down on the options given using the Volume Down button until you find the Wipe Cache Partition Highlight it and select Yes using the power button.
  • Wait for the process to finish then reboot the Galaxy S5.

If it still lags, you may try to turn off the Live wallpaper and any other animations. You can also disable apps that you don’t use anymore through Application Manager in device Settings. If some apps still crash, attempt to update these said apps in order for the bug fixes to be applied. If nothing works, you can either revert back to Android 4.4 KitKat or perform a factory reset to your device. If you opt to do a hard reset, keep in mind that this is a lengthy process and the key files needs to be backed up first as this will entirely erase the data from your phone and brings it back to the original setup like it was first taken out of the box. If you’re still encountering some trouble with the entire process, it is recommended that you contact your phone’s service provider or contact Samsung directly if there’s none.


Unable to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Fingerprint swipe lock


Problem: Hi Guys. I really hope that you can help me out here. My sister passed away on the 21st of April and unfortunately, we are unable to locate any record of her alternate password written down. She has an index finger swipe lock. Is there any way that we can unlock the phone without having to reset the phone back to factory settings? My sister passed away unexpectedly and through the Coroner/Mortuary, we endeavored to swipe the phone with her index finger, however, I now believe that this phone is heat sensitive. All her family photos, friend contacts, emails and the latest memories are currently locked into the phone. I am at a loss as how to retrieve everything. There is no SD card – only a SIM. I am based in Melbourne Australia and the phone was networked via Telstra. Are you able to help me out here? Thanking you in advance. Kind regards.Di

Related Problem:

Hi, I was wondering if you know anything about the problem I’m having with my phone. When I got my phone, I set up the fingerprint lock screen and now it doesn’t work. Every time that I try to scan my finger, it says it doesn’t match, however, it does let me use my alternative password to unlock the phone. Yet when I went to change the lock on my phone to something else, neither the fingerprint nor the alternative password work, despite putting exactly the same password in as when I unlocked my phone. It would be very nice if you were able to help as this really bothers me. Many thanks.Ross


Troubleshooting: There is no other way to gain access to a fingerprint-locked smartphone except a master or hard reset especially if the alternative password doesn’t work. As you well know, this will erase all files from your device as it will bring its state back to the factory setup. However, if you have a linked Google account to that specific smartphone, we can attempt to reset the alternative password. Here’s what we can do:

  • Start the fingerprint scanner until the button for alternative password pops up.
  • Enter any password you can think of until a button shows up that says “Sign in with Google Account” or “Unlock with Google Account.” This button would show up if the password has been entered incorrectly multiple times.
  • If you’ve got the right Google account, it will let you sign in and access the password interface. You can delete the password or reconfigure it.

If you don’t know what Google account is associated to the specific phone, a hard reset is a must. You can back up the contents of the sim using your own Samsung account or through the Samsung Kies software on your computer prior to doing the hard reset. In this way, you will not lose any files and can still recover it after the process.


Text history is showing up on the call logs of a Samsung Galaxy S5


Problem: Hello! I’ve read up on some issues people are having with their phones since the lollipop update. The issue I’m having is that my text history is showing up in my call logs. Is there any fix or setting change for it? I’ve gone to the extent of a factory reset and it’s still there. I know it’s minor, but pretty annoying when I’m looking for a previous call I just made. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! — Ben


Troubleshooting: Hi Ben. A factory reset will only clean up the phone’s firmware but not your sim card settings. Base on the troubleshooting you performed, we can conclude that there’s nothing wrong with the new firmware update. Lollipop installed perfectly to your device. You may want to go through the call log settings and make sure that the right boxes are checked so the call log history will be filtered accordingly. Make sure to uncheck anything that relates to a text log. To sort it out even more, you can filter each log by contact. To do this, you need to access the Samsung Galaxy S5 “Phone” app from the main screen. Open up the “Logs” tab and tap on a contact that you wish to filter. You should see the call logs filtered by date and time. This is a perfect workaround that allows you to easily recall your call contact history. What is your service provider? If you still can’t get rid of those pesky text logs, it is highly recommended that you contact your service provider for assistance. If there’s none, you may want to contact Samsung directly. Let us know if you need further assistance.


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