Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 78]


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Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t power on after charging

Problem: Hello. After about a little over a year and a half with my Galaxy S4, I finally ran into my first major issue. 5 days ago, the battery was at 10% so I turn the phone off and plugged it in to charge while I was watching a movie. When I plugged it in and put the phone down, the red charging light lit up as normal. After the movie was over I noticed that the green light was on indicating that the battery was fully charged so I unplugged it and left it on the dresser until the next morning and went to bed, and it was still turned off. The next morning just like every other morning I woke up I grabbed my phone I tried to turn it on and there was no response from the phone whatsoever. I remove the battery let it sit out for 15 to 20 seconds, put the battery back in, tried to turn the phone on and nothing happened. Phone doesn’t vibrate the logo does not pop up no sounds come from it, nothing. It makes no attempt or shows any sign of it actually turning on at all. So I tried to take the battery back out I waited about 2 minutes with the battery out. During the few minutes I had the battery out I held in the power button for 30 seconds or so at a time just to make sure all the power would completely drain out of the phone. Try to turn it back on with just the power button it did not work. I tried holding in the home button and the volume button up and down, nothing. I tried plugging it back into the charger no response again. I even tried my girlfriend’s S4 battery that was completely charged in her phone, and still nothing happened. So I tried my battery in her phone and of course it turned on battery was fully charged. I’ve never dropped this phone it’s never been exposed to any liquid; nothing has happened to this phone that could cause anything like this to occur which makes me think it’s some other type of internal problem. I tried looking at some things online to figure out what it could be, or some part I could order but I found is other people with the same problem and nobody had a solution. Most of them just gave up and went and bought a new phone. Any kind of insight as to what may happen it would be greatly appreciated and of course now I don’t have phone insurance just to go ahead and get a replacement. If you could point me in the right direction or have any other questions please email me back and let me know so I can try to get my phone working again, thank you so much!

Have a good day. — John

Troubleshooting: Hi John. Unfortunately, an unresponsive phone under normal usage is a strong indicator of a hardware problem. What specific component is failing can be hard to pin down at our level as that would mean a more in-depth analysis of the unit itself. That’s the reason why there’s no solution online for this type of issue.  As much as we would like to help you, your best choice is really to get a phone replacement of have someone check it physically.


How to change the settings of S Voice is Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is cracked

Problem: Hi there. I’ve cracked the screen. Too early in my contract to pay excessive amounts. New screen is still expensive! So, my plan was to purchase a mini USB to HDMI adapter. At $18 AUS, it’s also a useful tool to display pictures, etc on any HDMI TV.

My glitch has been my S Voice wake up command. It is frustratingly difficult to replicate every time! It’s not the “Hi Galaxy ” as I changed it to simply “Oi Oi”.

However the S4 is very fussy about the command being precisely the same as the recording .

I can’t use my touch screen at all I can press the hard keys on the bottom .

Bizarre thing happened the other day. I entered my home as I would normally do and a sequence of noises i was making, talking to myself, slamming doors, or the sound of the lock opening triggered the S4 to inform me “No network connection “. This implied to me there must be a way to bypass the S voice without touching the screen. I would like to change the command wake up to something really simple. Cheers  from Australia. — Vinni

Troubleshooting: Hi Vinni. There’s just no way for us to gain access to S Voice without using a fully functioning display as it acts as a bridge between a user and the firmware. The phone may give you any registered notification if its microphone picks up a sound closest to a nearest random parameter but that’s it. If you know of a certain trigger (specific sound) that can solicit a particular response from the phone, you can try it but that might not give you options to modify S Voice settings.


Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t download any email attachment

Problem: Hello and thank you in advance for your help. Anytime I want to open an attachment in email I either get a message that says email is only partially downloaded or you must download the email before opening the attachment. if you continue to allow it time to download nothing ever happens. I’m seeing this issue with many others online and have researched on YouTube. However the advanced setting screens they have are not available on my phone and I’ve heard the same problem with others. Back to the main question how can I make this phone automatically download emails and attachments. Thanks. — Steve

Troubleshooting: Hi Steve. This type of issue can be due to a few factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Email app issue (settings, restrictions, limitations)
  • Device sync status
  • Type of network device is connected to
  • Reliability of internet connection while downloading an attachment
  • Attachment file type (may not be supported by the device)
  • Attachment file size

To rule which of these things may be causing the problem, you have to make sure first that the email app you are using is permitted to download attachments. Whether you are using the stock email app or a third party one, kindly ensure that there is no restriction that may hamper it from downloading attachments.

Next is to check if you have inadvertently put a restriction in your phone not to download attachments when connected to, say, mobile data.

The rest of the possible causes are self-explanatory. Sometimes, clearing the email app’s cache and data also help so you can try to do that as well.

If nothing works and assuming there’s no email account problems, consider performing a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck at the boot screen

Problem: Hey! I was using your guide to try to troubleshoot the issue with my phone.  It was great and very in depth, so thank you for that. 

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve never had any issues with my phone before this and have never dropped my phone.  There are no cracks and if you were just looking at it it is in mint condition. 

So the issue is this, I was just sitting there with my phone and was using it, and then the power button wouldn’t turn my phone off or I guess lock the screen. So I waited for it to dim on its own and then tried using the power button to get to my lock screen, which it did nothing.  At this point I took the back cover off and removed the battery, SD Card, and SIM Card then attempted to reboot. My Galaxy S4 does the following things:

  • When I put the battery back in it automatically vibrates,
  • the screen also show the Galaxy S4 in white letters

After this it does nothing.  I’m currently attempting to leave it on the charger and see if that does anything.  If you have any other suggestions please get back to me. — Joshua

Troubleshooting: Hi Joshua. Is this phone rooted? If it is, try to revert the phone’s operating system back to its defaults via Recovery mode. Here’s how:

  • Turn the phone off by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Once the device is off, press and hold Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons.
  • The blue Recovery mode will appear to give you options. You can then release the three buttons.
  • Navigate to Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume buttons and press the Power button to select it.

If your phone has never been rooted, the problem is probably due to a corrupt system partition. You can refresh the cache partition via Recovery mode by selecting the option that says Wipe cache partition.


Missing features in S Health app for Samsung Galaxy S4 after an update | How to revert S Health app to its previous state in an Samsung Galaxy S4

Problem: I’m hoping you’re my answer man.

I recently agreed to an update on the S Health app I’ve been using on my phone and really would love to go back to the old format — have been told that’s not possible.

Problem: I do a variety of exercise activities (swimming, weight lifting, high-intensity intervals) and was able to enter those to track my daily calories burn through the exercise mate tab on the old app. The new app only has a workout tracker that includes running, walking, hiking or cycling. I haven’t found a means of entering any other type of exercise or even those 4 activities if they’re not part of the app’s timed workout (not the way I do things).

In case that’s not clear: For example I would like to enter swimming for 45 minutes, weight lifting for 30 minutes, running for 20 minutes to track the calorie burn for the day and am unable to find the way to do that with this recent update.

Suggestions? Thanks. — K

Troubleshooting: Hi K. We wish we could help but your concern is out of our control. The missing features in the updated app can only be added by the app’s developer (Samsung) so if you want to let them know about it, try to contact them via email at [email protected] The only thing that you can do at your end is by doing a tradeoff by simply uninstalling the updates for this app. You can go to Settings>More>Application manager>Select All tab>S Health>Uninstall updates. We hope that deleting the updates can revert the app back to its previous version. If not, please consider getting other similar apps that may cater to your needs.


Can’t hear the caller and vice versa on Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth issue

Problem: Hello. My S4 just developed a major problem.  I can receive calls but when I answer the other party can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. It started with my Bluetooth connection in the car. Now it’s all calls. I rebooted, removed the battery and turned the Bluetooth off.  Still can get the call but we can’t hear each other.   My Android version is 4.4.4. — TheQAMan2000

Troubleshooting: Hi TheQAMan2000. The only effective way to deal with a Bluetooth issue is to restore the phone to its factory settings. Neither Samsung nor Google won’t officially acknowledge that there’s a Bluetooth bug in the Samsung Galaxy series but they do recommend that a factory reset can fix it. Please do as recommended and let us know how the device behaves in your next email.


Samsung Galaxy S4 text messages are out of order

Problem: Hi. I am having problems lately with my Galaxy S4. When I send a text message to a friend and ask a question or something it shows their answer above my text so i keep having to scroll up to read their answer can you help me figure out what to do to fix this it is getting very aggravating. I like to see their answer below mine when i ask a question or am talking and their reply is above my answer. Thanks. — Littleglasd

Troubleshooting: Hi Littleglasd. This issue can happen if the automatic date and time setting in your device is not enabled. Please go under Settings>Date and Time, and ensure that Automatic time zone and Automatic date and time have check marks on them.


Samsung Galaxy S4 unable to make or receive calls | Dialer Storage app is turned off in Samsung Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi. Please help. My Samsung S4 phone has stopped making or receiving calls. It seems to connect and the person I’m calling gets the call but there’s no dial tone on my end and even when they pick up I cannot hear them. I have tried clearing cache on dialer like you recommended to someone on your website. I have attached a screen shot of how it shows up…it doesn’t allow me to clear the cache…and it doesn’t allow me to hit the “Turn off” option. So does that mean that it’s turn off and maybe that why I can’t make or receive calls? How can I turn it on again? — Rebecca

Troubleshooting: Hi Rebecca. If the Turn off option is greyed out, that means that it was currently OFF while you were checking the app settings. It’s no big deal though as it would turn back on once you re-open the app from the Apps drawer. Now, regarding your main problem of being unable to make or receive calls, the first thing that you should be doing is to ask your service provider for assistance as majority of issues like this are network-specific in nature. If there’s no coverage or network problems, your service provider will most likely recommend a phone factory reset.


Spring Samsung Galaxy S4 slow mobile data connection issue

Problem: Do you know how to fix the issue with the S4 staying connected to Sprint Network data? It’s frustrating to have to reload a page 5 or 6 times before you get there.

Also, is the internal antenna weaker in the S4 than the S2? I live not quite 3 miles from a tower and have hardly and service.

Will it help to root it? I may own a smartphone, but not be smart enough to use it lol 🙂 — Broken Spirit

Troubleshooting: Hi Broken Spirit. It appears you are getting slow internet connection speed problem here so here are the solutions that you can try to resolve it:

Check if you are properly connected to the Sprint network via Sprint Zone app. To do this, open your Sprint Zone app and go to Device Diagnostics. Once your are in Device Diagnostics tab, look for Network. If Network is in the Passed section, the phone is connected to Sprint’s data network. Otherwise, tap System Updates to update your profile and link to Sprint network.

Do a soft reset. Turn off the phone and remove the battery for 30 seconds. Try to connect again afterwards.

Verify the network mode being used by the device. If you have unintentionally selected a slower network mode before, that might be causing the issue you are having right now. To check, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Connections.
  • Go to More networks.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Tap Network mode.
  • Cycle through the available network modes. Keep in mind that 3G (UMTS) or 4G (LTE) will give you faster data speed compared to other network modes.

Being near to a cellphone tower does not always guarantee good mobile data speed so kindly make sure to call your service provider and ask assistance about this problem.


Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t connect to Wi-Fi, hotspots, routers

Problem: Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Wi-Fi connection doesn’t switch on. When I tried to put it on, it takes a very long time but yet it doesn’t on. A greenlight comes under it on the task pane but it doesn’t come on hence I cannot connect to any router. Due to the inability of e-Wi-Fi not working I can’t also use the hotspots and tethering  function. Please I need your help badly. — amoyawpaddyedmund

Troubleshooting: Hi amoyawpaddyedmund. You have an interesting case here. We recommend that you restore the phone to its factory settings to ensure that we eliminate any glitch or bug affecting your device’s Wi-Fi radio.


Samsung Galaxy S4 issues after doing a system update | Samsung Galaxy S4 freezes, keyboard problems after updating Samsung Galaxy S4

Problem: Hello. My name is Kandice and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone. I have not had any problems with the phone at all until a few months ago when I updated the software and ever since then my phone freezes up while I’m trying to text message someone and makes my keyboard randomly disappear and is slow with showing my incoming messages after I open the message thread. Also my phone randomly restarts itself and randomly turns my locations on by its self. All of this started after I updated my software and it aggravates me every day. I would really like to get some answers and hopefully find out what the solution for this problem would be. Thanks. — Kandy

Troubleshooting: Hi Kandy. We recommend that you delete the phone’s cache partition and wipe your phone’s data via factory reset. These are standard solutions a user must do if the phone suffers from multiple problems after a system update.

Please let us know if these fixes won’t work so we can update this post.



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2 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 78]”

  1. My Galaxy S4 has been glitchy since the recent huge update.

    1. I have to enter most calls twice for dialing to kick in (except speed dials, for some reason.)
    2. My contacts are a mess! Numerous instances of suddenly having 20 or more of the same name, while some contacts no longer appear in the list (though I can locate them through the search feature , so I know they’re there,) & no simple method for dealing with duplicates. Have tried different settings – show all, device only, SIM only, etc. – to no avail.
    3. Lagging Internet and stuttering video, especially via Facebook.
    4. Unable to dial calls via website hyperlinks – tried many times with many different types of businesses & customer service #s.

    I’ve tried looking up these problems both individually and in connection with the Lollipop update in general but, although lots of people are complaining about lots of things, no one seems to have my particular issues. Any ideas? (Paranoid suspicion: Samsung has done this deliberately to force everyone to upgrade to S5 or S6.)

    Thanks for any help.

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