Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 76]

Welcome to another round of Samsung Galaxy S4 troubleshooter series.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 not sending or receiving text messages

Problem: Hi. I have an S4 model no GT19505 Android version 4.4.2. Not sure what else to tell you. I have only had this phone a couple of weeks. It was working fine. Then I noticed that sometimes it would say can’t send text. Sometimes I could get texts but not send. Other  times I couldn’t get or send. Its driving me crazy. When I swipe the phone to take it out of sleep mode it says two degrees. Most of the time if I turn the phone off, took out the battery for a couple of minutes, this would make it come alright. But after a couple of weeks this stopped working. Help me please. I love this phone and I can’t afford to buy another. — Leonie

Troubleshooting: Hi Leonie. This problem can be due to your messaging app not working properly or there’s a network problem in your area. Below are some of the solutions that you can try.

Clear the data of the messaging app. If the reason for this trouble is the messaging app that you are using, you can delete the app’s data and stop it from running temporarily to try to fix the issue. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Application Manager.
  • Scroll to and tap All tab.
  • Select your messaging app.
  • Select Force Stop then Clear Data.

Clear the data of Google Services Framework. Doing this is like basically performing a factory reset as far as remote servers your device is connecting to are concerned. This means that you are refreshing the tokens being used by your apps like the messaging app when it tries to talk to a remote computer of your service provider. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Application Manager.
  • Scroll to and tap All tab.
  • Select Google Services Framework.
  • Select Clear Data.

Perform a soft reset. If a device has been running for a long time without stopping, it may sometimes result to performance issues. You can perform this simple solution by turning off the phone and removing the battery for about 30 seconds. You can also do this after clearing the data of your messaging app and Google Services Framework.

Wipe the phone clean via factory reset. This good old method almost never fails when it comes to fixing software errors. You can check this link for steps on how to restore the phone to its factory defaults.


How to uninstall Knox from Samsung Galaxy S4 | How to extend battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi. I have a Samsung S4 and since the past month I am seeing a fall in my battery life. I’ve had the phone for a year plus now. I have been reading your drips so follow a few things like clearing the cache and do feel like the battery life has increased a bit but not by much. Previously one charge would last me a day, now by noon I’m down to less than 30%. How can i know if a particular app is draining my battery or I need to change the battery altogether.

Also, I downloaded Knox and am not happy with it, but I can’t seem to uninstall it at all. My phone has also become considerably slower in loading the contacts or even starting the camera. I keep on deleting the cache but that works for a day or 2 max.

I have been reading about rooting the phone but have no idea about how to get about doing it and most importantly why. Another thing is that I can no longer get my lock screen to anything else. Not my snaps nor the staple wallpapers either. It’s stuck on a blue screen.

Please help and a big thanks in advance. — Mansi

Troubleshooting: Hi Mansi. A smartphone’s battery life can last for up 3 years depending on how It’s being charged and used. Some of the clearest indicators though that a battery may be failing badly is its inability to hold a charge, significantly longer charging times, and shorter battery life when used under normal circumstances. Because you are the only one who can judge what “normal” use is, it’s up to you if you will consider replacing the current battery that you have. Just keep in mind that you cannot expect your phone’s battery to give you the same endurance when it was new. We wrote an article on how to give more juice to an S5’s battery in this post. The basic principles in that article can basically be applied to your S4 so you may want to check it out.

As regards your question whether or not you can uninstall Knox, we are afraid the answer is NO. This app is deeply embedded in the phone’s firmware that removing it requires rooting (modifying the operating system) of your phone. While there are a few reliable alternate ROMs out there, we officially don’t recommend rooting your phone because it can potentially create more problems than solutions for you.

Finally, you may simply want to do a factory reset on your phone to bring back the device to its clean, factory state. This will definitely address the issue you have with your lockscreen.


Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps on rebooting

Problem: My Samsung S4 has been giving me a lot of issues. My sound barely works anymore. I’ve replaced the speakers and it still didn’t work. Another thing is my phone barely ever turns on and when it does it only works for about 10 minutes then it reboots most of the time. My phone gets stuck on the Samsung screen and it won’t get past that screen. I already tried factory resetting it but that did not work either. I do not have much money to get a new phone so please help. — Anijye

Troubleshooting: Hi Anijye. Performing a factory reset is actually the ultimate solution that a user can do to try to fix a software problem. Because we don’t deal with hardware diagnostics on this blog, we recommend that you let a professional check both the hardware and software of your device.


Samsung Galaxy S4 camera fails

Problem: I have been getting camera failed problem on my Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 for some time now. I have tried clearing cache and data of both camera app and gallery and wiping the cache partition. The front camera is working through other apps like Snapchat. When I factory reset my phone, immediately the camera was showing the same camera failed but after 5 minutes when I tried it started working. It worked for a few days and then again stopped working. Please help. — Jasdeep

Troubleshooting: Hi Jasdeep. As a user, you can only do so much and we can tell that you have already done all the possible solutions. There might be an underlying hardware problem in your camera that cannot be resolved even after doing a factory reset. Please consider getting a replacement unit so you can go back to using your phone like before.


Calls keep getting disconnected when talking on Samsung Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth

Problem: Hoping you can help with a very annoying problem I am having with my S4. When I make a call over Bluetooth in my car, the call will drop multiple times. Sometimes it will be for 5-10 seconds and then reconnect. Other times it will not reconnect at all. It seems to improve when turned off and on again. I even took it to the Verizon store and the SIM card was replaced.  But then starts doing it again. My husband, who also had a S4, does not have this problem when using the same Bluetooth. His calls are never dropped. Thank you for any help you would be able to give. — Cjkaufmann

Troubleshooting: Hi Cjkaufmann. Newer Bluetooth devices are supposedly more immune to interference than the previous versions but it doesn’t mean that problems have been totally eliminated. If you were able to use Bluetooth connection while in a call before, there must be some changes that were introduced in the immediate vicinity where you do the calling. Assuming that your phone’s Bluetooth radio is working, what you can do is to rule out possible sources of interference.

Disable Wi-Fi. Turning off your phone’s Wi-Fi functionality may fix the issue. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi share the same 2.4Hz frequency so there’s a chance that even though Wi-Fi connection is not active because you are not linked to your home hotspot, the Wi-Fi radio may be causing unusual interference with your Bluetooth connection.

Turn off other wireless devices in the car. This is meant as a way to rule out a possible reason for the problem and not as a permanent solution. Try to isolate the problem by ensuring that only the Bluetooth on your phone works when you’re alone. If you added any wireless accessory in your car, try to turn it off and see how Bluetooth works in your phone during a call. Some smartwatches like Pebbles are known to cause unexplained interference when near other Bluetooth devices so if you have similar devices, turn them off.

Reposition the phone. If you have a habit putting the phone in your pocket while taking a call via Bluetooth in your car, try to take out the device and place it on the dashboard or some place open. It’s been known that Bluetooth signals cannot penetrate water and our body is composed mostly of water. If you are using a Bluetooth headset, try to ensure that there’s a clear line of sight between your phone and the headset during calls to minimize interference.

If nothing still works, you may want to have the phone replaced due to a possible hardware issue.


Front camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps on crashing

Problem: Hello. I’ve been grappling with a problem faced by my Galaxy S4 for quite some time. Its main camera is working perfectly but when i turn on its front camera for taking selfie, it hangs up and gives message “camera failed”. The main camera also stops working and then i have to clear the Camera app in apps manager to make it work. It then works fine again.

I tried to find different solutions on net and tried them but without success. (Like clearing cache and from delvec cache etc. But nothing worked).

Please guide me if this is hardware issue or software problem.

Can i download another app for camera for my phone and from where.

Thanks. — Ayaz

Troubleshooting: Hi Ayaz. You may have a similar issue with Jasdeep above. If you have tried resetting the phone to its factory defaults and the issue keeps on coming back, that’s a clear indication that you may have a hardware failure at hand.


Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t power on

Problem: Hey guys! My name is Taylor Thompson and I’m emailing in reference to my girl friend’s dead Galaxy S4. Saw your page and followed the quick and easy steps but in still having problems. The Galaxy S4 screen shows for a spilt second and then goes black. Remove battery. Check. Hold button for a full minute done. Try to pull up in safe mode. Done. Still the same split second Galaxy S4 screen and vibration but nothing more than that. If a power up is attempted twice in a row it will not work unless you do the holding of the button for a minute part. I don’t know if it matters but this phone has seen maybe 30 minutes of its life outside of an Otterbox. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Y’all have a nice day. — Taylor

Troubleshooting: Hi Taylor. Have you tried using another battery? There’s a chance that the battery may be draining power so fast it cannot even last for a few seconds. Also, if you can still go to Recovery mode, try to do a factory reset and see how it goes after that. If you have checked this post and did everything as suggested, your next best choice is either get the phone replaced or repaired by a professional.


Samsung Galaxy S4 unable to receive calls | calls redirected to voicemail Samsung Galaxy S4

Problem: Hi. Please can you help me? My Samsung Galaxy S4  was not receiving any phone calls or text messages. When somebody was ringing me it would go straight to voice mail even though I had signal. I was given advice  to try pressing #400# on my keypad which then stated “call conditioning forwarded disabled ” or something like that. Then when someone tried to ring me it said “mobile phone number not available”. I have since restored my phone to factory settings but I still have the same problem! No one can get in contact with me and it is annoying. Please help. Thank you. — Laura

Troubleshooting: Hi Laura. If you have reset the phone its factory defaults already, that means that the problem lies on how your SIM card or number is provisioned by your service provider. Please call your carrier and ask them if there are any special limitations on your number that you are not aware causing this problem.


Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps overheating and cannot be charged

Problem: Hi there. My phone suddenly showed a message that device is overheating and will turn off to cool down, it also provided an option do not turn off. I let it turn off automatically the first time. After some time I turned it back on and it gives the same message again along with device overheating, you can only use phone and contacts applications. I am not able to charge the battery too.

As soon as I turn on I get this overheating message and it blocks me from using any apps or even access phone settings. Please help, I want to recover pictures and videos before doing factory reset. — Meena

Troubleshooting: Hi Meena. There’s a reason why your smartphone is displaying the overheating warning. This is triggered by, obviously, overheating. Like any other smartphone today, your S4 can tolerate only so much heat level. You must allow it to cool off internally for at least 2 hours before attempting to turn it back on ensure that it never happens again. Now, overheating is not a problem in itself. It is a result of either a malfunctioning hardware or firmware. Please let the phone cool off for at least 2 hours then try to connect the phone to a computer so you can create a copy of your files. After that, have the unit checked in a shop or get a replacement.


Samsung Galaxy S4 sound is low during calls | Samsung Galaxy S4 SD card corrupted, not working

Problem: Hi. I have 2 problems I’m hoping you can help me with.

  • During a call I can hear the person on the other end fine but they can barely hear me at all. I’ve turned the sound volume up but it still makes no difference to the sound on their end.
  • I’ve inserted an SD card however after a few weeks of using it it’s stopped allowing data being out onto it. I’ve tried going into the settings to use it as the default storage to no avail, I’ve tried reformatting again to no avail. The only other thing I could think of is somehow it’s corrupt itself. Many thanks. — Bentherealdeal

Troubleshooting: Hi Bentherealdeal. Regarding your first question, try to check if there’s some settings in the calling app you are using that allows you to turn the volume up. If you are using the stock calling app from Samsung, you can  delete its cache and data to see how it goes. If nothing changes, perform a factory reset. If the problem continues, that means that there’s a problem with the phone’s microphone and you must have the phone replaced.

For your second issue, try inserting another SD card in your S4 to see the difference. SD cards can go out sooner depending on usage. If this SD card has been used for some time now, it may have reached its end of life.


Cost of having a Samsung Galaxy S4 repaired

Problem: Hello,  I was reading your troubleshooting guide on the S4 and none of the steps worked. So I am thinking something is wrong with the motherboard. From what I can tell the power IC on these goes out frequently. Do you have a recommended place I could send my phone and they could find out what is wrong and give me an estimate to fix it? Most places will only work on the screen,  charger port,  etc.

Much thanks. — Faith

Troubleshooting: Hi Faith. We cannot give you any specific name of a shop that can give you an estimated cost for a repair. Your best is to find a local shop in your area who can deal with the issue. If you have a nearby Samsung service area nearby, it’s best if you can get an estimate from them instead of going to third party shops.


Samsung Galaxy S4 does not turn on and keeps on going back to Verizon screen

Problem: I’ve had my Samsung S4 about 3 months. It goes on to the 3 Verizon screen and won’t come back on so I turn it off and rebooted my phone. When it comes back on, it unloaded lots of apps which I have to re-install. It also gets very hot & cannot be used at all the screen goes blank and won’t come back on and if it does it won’t work then goes onto the Verizon which just pulses and won’t load. I’d appreciate any help. Also what size memory card do you recommend as I’ve a 62GB.  If I put it on the memory card when my phone goes off I can’t install them as it won’t let me. Thanks for your help. — David

Troubleshooting: Hi David. We think this post can help you troubleshoot the issue:

Based on your problem description, it appears that the phone is also overheating, which suggests that there may be a hardware issue going on. Please consider getting a replacement phone if none of the suggested troubleshooting steps work.

An S4 is designed to work with up to 64GB secondary storage memory (SD card) so what you have should work.


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