Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 73]


Even years after this terrific smartphone was released, we continue to receive both unique and perennial issues about Samsung Galaxy S3. This post will try to cover some of these issues submitted by our readers around the world.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging properly

Problem: Hi. My son’s phone will not charge correctly. It might charge a little if he moves the charger cord around. He tried another charger cord with the same results. The phone turns off when there is still around 30 percent showing on phone. Does this sound like a battery problem or the connection where it plugs in. This phone is only about 15 months old. This is very frustrating not being able to charge this phone. We don’t want to buy a battery if it is the phone. Will you please advise us on this issue. Thank You!! — Greg

Troubleshooting: Hi Greg. To isolate the problem, try using another charger first. If the problem continues, you can then try another battery to see if the problem originates there. If the phone’s behavior will not change, that’s a clear indicator that the problem may be the charging port. You need to have the phone repaired or replaced.


Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S3 unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Problem: Hey. Just seen to contact you if you have any problems on a forum there and I wanted to see if you know what’s going on with my S3. I’ve tried everything but nothing was working.

The problem is that my Wi-Fi only connects to the router when I’m like 1 meter from it and the farther I am, it disconnects. Bought a new Wi-Fi wire for the phone as i thought it may have somehow been damaged but when I put it on, it was the same thing. Tried wiping my whole phone but it didn’t work. Reset my router and settings still didn’t work. I have other phones here like 2 S4s, 3 S3s but they are all fine with Wi-Fi but different problems do  know what it could be thanks for reading. — Jack

Troubleshooting: Hi Jack. If other smartphones are connecting to your Wi-Fi without any problems, that’s a clear indicator that the S3 phone you have needs to be repaired or restored to its factory defaults.

Some third party apps can cause a phone’s basic function to fail sometimes so kindly boot the phone in Safe mode and see what happens. Bringing the phone in safe mode is a good way to test our hunch as no third party apps will be allowed to run.

Performing a factory reset can also be done in this case to bring the phone to its first original state. Without third party apps installed and running only the stable factory state operating system, it’s a good way to rule out possible software cause of this issue. Only after doing a factory reset can you say that the problem may be the Wi-Fi radio on the phone, which means that you either have to replace the part or the entire phone.


Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drains faster than expected | Solutions how to save Samsung Galaxy S3 battery power

Problem: Good day to you. Have run into a problem with my phone which has started to request charging very frequently.

The charge level indicator at the top right shows a very low level.

When I plug in the charger it shows a shot of the battery about 50% of said battery in green indicating 50% charge!

In days gone by continued charging of batteries caused the inherent tendency of reducing capacity, so being old myself, I decided it was time to replace my battery.

An unnecessary expense it turns out because this negative phenomenon still prevails.

The fault would appear to be in the systems program perhaps?

Have you any  ideas please to help me resolve this problem. Yours sincerely. — Leonard

Troubleshooting: Hi Leonard. An app or phone feature may be causing this problem so please go to Settings>Battery and see the battery consumption meter. Normally, your phone’s screen, Android System, and Android Operating System (OS) are the main reasons for faster battery drain. However, using the battery meter can also give you an overview of other factors at play like unfamiliar third party apps that may be eating power without you knowing it.

If you are using LTE data connection, that might also be one of the reasons why the battery loses power fast. If you are in the United States, you might probably have to live with it because major carriers there does not provide an option to allow users to disable the LTE radio.

Turning off other power-hungry features like GPS, Bluetooth, haptic feedback, NFC, S-Beam among others can also signigicantly conserve battery power. If you want to skip the hassle of turning these features off one by one, simply enabling Power saving mode will do the trick for you.

Additionally, you can also tweak the phone’s screen settings, especially the screen brightness. Make sure that you go under Settings>Display and modify existing settings to minimize power consumption.

If you have widgets you are not familiar with or that are not being used, consider removing them from your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S3 loses sync with email servers after installing a Google app

Problem: I have two email accounts set up on my Samsung Galaxy S3. This is the third time they have stopped syncing.

The first time after going through every check and finally uninstalling and reinstalling my email accounts that fixed the problem. This was with the help of a Verizon support person.

The second time I did it on my own and this did not work immediately, but then for unknown reasons starting working again until today. I tried so many different things that I can’t say what fixed it.

This time I have set, reset, cleared, deleted, uninstalled and reinstalled everything even remotely related to the email and nothing. Verizon support suggested that I check with my email provider which is my local phone company to ask if they have changed their server settings to see if this is the problem. I have not done this yet.

Personally I think it has something to do with updating Apps on my device and most likely the Google Apps. Because I have gotten some error messages after doing this and after looking online found fixes for those and it seemed to be related to Google updates.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. — Shelia

Troubleshooting: Hi Shelia. If you suspect that a Google app may be the culprit, try to clear the data of Google Services Framework and observe how the phone behaves for a few days. If you haven’t done this before, you can refer to our previous post on how to clear the data for Google Services Framework here.

If that won’t resolve the issue, please contact your local email provider and ask more assistance as there may also be issues on their servers.


Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t power on

Problem: Dear, today I woke up in the morning and just saw that my Samsung Galaxy S3 screen becomes black and showing  this message ‘Samsung GALAXY S 3 GT-19300’.

Actually, like when it is going to be turn on, but stops in this step!

I tried your troubleshoots on to boot to safe mode and was not successful.

Could you please kindly let me know If you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

I really appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to your kind reply. With best regards. — Sareh

Troubleshooting: Hi Sareh. We wish we can give more but if you have tried all the suggested solutions in our post, that’s basically all that you can do.

Please consider having the phone fixed or replaced so you can go back to enjoy being connected.


Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps on showing “Removed SD card” error

Problem: Hello! This has been the worst phone I’ve ever had. Already replaced twice because Sprint couldn’t figure out how to fix it and recently about a month ago had to do a Factory Reset after phone became frozen and nothing else would work.

My newest problem has just shown up without any warning.  It keeps saying “Removed SD CARD” every 2 seconds and card is still in slot tight as always. I took out card, tried taking it in and out, turning off phone and removing battery. It has about 7GB of App’s and pictures & videos stored so I hate to lose that. I can’t even use some of the App’s that I’m paying for Monthly. Any suggestions are much appreciated. 

Oh and not sure if this is important but I just returned from Ohio to Florida and was using Airplane mode before battery eventually died. Thanks again! — Bill

Troubleshooting: Hi Bill. If this has been the second phone with the same exact problem with that SD card, you might want to consider trying a different card this time. SD cards are not meant to last forever and majority of them dies out surprisingly earlier than expected. The life span of an SD card depends on its quality and usage and there’s no definite science yet to predict how long one can last. At this point, we can only assume that your SD card may be corrupted and no longer works properly when working with a smartphone. Make sure to create copies of your files first, especially photos and videos, on your computer and try to reformat it.

Don’t worry about your paid apps stored in the SD card as you can easily re-download them again for free once you have a good working secondary storage. All your installed apps are kept in Google servers so you are not losing them by using another SD card or if you reformat your existing one.


Samsung Galaxy S3 screen flickers and phone does not power on

Problem: Hi. Just wondering if you could help me out.

My partner and myself have a Galaxy S3 and both at the same time, the phone screen flickers then it losing reception, then it freezes. Once it freezes it does not reboot. I removed the battery and started it up again, and does the same thing but also says my battery is empty.

Problems I have attempted were I had done a factory reset on both phones. This did prolong the battery but once i try to access Facebook, or run keeper, about 5 minutes later the exactly the same problem happens again!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. — Jason

Troubleshooting: Hi Jason. If you are now unable to use your phone because it won’t power on, please refer to our post on how to fix it.

However, if the phone still works but with screen or display issue (flickering and losing reception), try to perform a factory reset to bring the phone to its original software condition. If the screen continues to flicker though, have a professional check the display or the phone in general.


Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t connect to Wi-Fi solution

Problem: Samsung Galaxy S3. Was working fine until the latest Samsung update then I noticed it kept saying will not update until connected to a Wi-Fi which is what I wanted it to do. But it is saying my home Wi-Fi is off but it is not off as my Nook is running on it just fine. Tried turning off wait a while then back on. Still nothing. I was on a cruise for 6 days running and had the phone turned off. When I turned it back on it started connecting to hot spots Wi-Fi for about 6 days and now doing the same thing. I’ve even removed my home Wi-Fi connection turned off for 30 minutes added back in then still not working.  : (

Any suggestions for this problem? Thanks. — Joy

Troubleshooting: Hi Joy. These are the things that you can try:

Check if Power Saving mode is enabled. Make sure that this feature is OFF. Power saving mode, as the name suggests, is meant to give more juice to your phone by sacrificing some features including Wi-Fi connectivity. Once you have turned off power saving mode, make sure to restart the phone before attempting to connecting to Wi-Fi again.

Select Forget network option before attempting to connect. You can refresh the configuration of your phone with your home Wi-Fi by simply selecting Forget network under Settings>Wi-Fi. Long press and hold your home Wi-Fi showing on the screen to pull up Forget network option. Afterwards, re-enter your Wi-Fi credentials (username/SSID and passkey) to connect.

If both of these solutions won’t work, try to perform a factory reset to clear possible operating system bugs causing this trouble.


Samsung Galaxy S3 email from Charter cannot send email unless connected to Wi-Fi

Problem: I was reading on your web page about issues with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone bought at Walmart using StraightTalk as mobile provider. I have a couple problems that I hope you can resolved.

  • I cannot send emails from my email account (j*******[email protected]) on my phone unless I have my phone connected to Wi-Fi. If I don’t connect to Wi-Fi, then it won’t send the email and I get an error message. “send error: connection error press send to try again” or I get an error message “error sending outgoing message”, “Connection error will retry during sync”. I do have this same email account on my desktop computer. Which is the same email account that I am sending this email to you. I have checked to make sure my mobile data is turned on my phone. I have talked to both my Wi-Fi provider and my mobile data provider and neither will say it is an issue on their end. I use StraightTalk (TracPhone) for my mobile provider which they use Verizon towers and I use a local internet provider for my Wi-Fi. How can I get mail to send from my phone without having Wi-Fi only?
  • Yesterday my Wi-Fi keeps turning on my phone by itself. I will shut it off and it just turns back on in a few seconds. I can’t keep it off. I have looked all over in my settings but don’t see anywhere that would show to automatically connect to Wi-Fi. How can I get the Wi-Fi to not automatically connect on my phone? — Joanie

Troubleshooting: Hi Joanie. Emails from local carriers like the one that you have needs specific ports to be able to send and receive messages so make sure to check your account settings.

We are assuming that you have a POP3 account from Charter so the best thing that you can do first is to change the outgoing email server from 587 to 110 or vice versa. If doing this still won’t work, you must work closely with Straight Talk tech support again in making sure that all your internet settings are correct. You may also have to call Charter to ask them again for the correct outgoing email server settings when you are out of their network. They should give you an alternate outgoing email server settings for mobile connection for this to work.

Your second concern is an interesting one. The only Wi-Fi settings we are aware of that may cause the problem are those found under Settings>Wi-Fi>Advanced. In this section, you have several options like Network notification, Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, Auto-connect,Wi-Fi frequency band, etc.


Samsung Galaxy S3 stuck in Samsung icon screen

Problem: Hey. I guess someone decided they wanted to try and reset my data on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I asked them what they pressed in the settings and instead of the master reset on the phone, they had pressed reset data. Now the phone will not go past the SAMSUNG  icon on the start-up process of the phone. It just sits there glowing I guess you would say. Does this mean this person  just completely wiped out my phone and there is no way to get it back? Please help me. I was going to pass this phone down to my daughter for Christmas and it’s completely un-scratched and looks brand new. Any help would be appreciated. I believe they said they also seen a little Android guy telling them to choose to delete data and cache and they did by moving the volume button up and down and choosing options. Then it’s restarted after that. Like I said any help would be appreciated. — Katherine

Troubleshooting: Hi Katherine. Try to boot the phone in Recovery mode then do a factory reset by selecting Wipe data / factory reset option. This will delete your personal files (photos, videos, etc stored in the phone’s primary storage) but will eventually give you a working phone in the process.

Let us know if that won’t work.


Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps on dropping calls

Problem: Hello. I have Straight Talk, and I have a Samsung S3 unlocked phone. It says AT&T on it. This phone worked very well up until 6 weeks ago.  Now, 9 times out of 10 it drops call.

This happens if i dial the call or receive the call. I have talked to Straight Talk support 2 or 3 times about this. They say it is fixed. and then it drops calls as soon as i receive one. I am in an area that has spotty service, but this happens when I am sitting right in my

house. If you go outside, you can see the AT&T cell tower. Thanks for any information or solutions you have. I appreciate it. — Linda

Troubleshooting: Hi Linda. Proximity to a carrier’s cellular tower does not always guarantee good service because there’s a chance that you are getting your signal from a different tower in the area. The important indicator before we proceed with troubleshooting is the signal strength on your phone. We are assuming that since you are near an AT&T tower, the phone is getting full signal strength, which means that there’s no network problem at all.

Here are the things that you can try to fix a possible phone problem:

Reseat the SIM card. Ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted in the slot. Don’t remove the SIM card while the phone is still ON. Doing so may result to more problems.

Turn off Airplane Mode. Make sure that this mode is not enabled when at home. When enabled, the device won’t be able to place or receive a call.

Change the SIM card. Consider changing your SIM card if the problem continues.

Restart the phone. Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders. Try it.

Perform a factory reset. Doing this solution can almost always result to a good working phone. Make  sure that you have created a  backup of your files stored in your phone’s internal storage.

Get a phone replacement if any of these things won’t work as it means you have a defective hardware.


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