Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions & Troubleshooting [Part 13]

Hello guys! It’s the 13th part of our Galaxy Note 4 Troubleshooting series and you can find ten problems in this post. If you’ve sent us email before, try to go through the problems I addressed here to see if your concern is included.


Most of the problems I cited here occurred after the recent Android 5 lollipop update for the Note 4. In case you’re currently bugged by an issue or two, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about it. We are willing to help you fix the problems with your phone. All we’re asking is you provide us with necessary information or details and send them over at [email protected].

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Problems Index

  1. Galaxy Note 4 Can’t Pair With Logitech Mini Boombox
  2. Galaxy Note 4 com.sec.imsservice has stopped error
  3. Error Messages “Email has stopped” Keeps Popping Up on Galaxy Note 4
  4. Note 4 freezes when Facebook is in use
  5. Galaxy Note 4 microSD card issues
  6. Damaged Microphone on Galaxy Note 4
  7. Galaxy Note 4 freezes/crashes after taking pictures
  8. Calls go straight to Voicemail on Galaxy Note 4
  9. Issue with Galaxy Note 4 proximity sensor
  10. “Not registered on network” error on Galaxy Note 4


Galaxy Note 4 Can’t Pair With Logitech Mini Boombox

Problem: I have a new Galaxy Note 4 that I had to get after my Note 2, which I really liked, crashed and died. While there are a few things on the new phone that I like, including the ability to activate the camera without having to activate the security pattern, there is one big one that I’m really frustrated with.

My new phone will not connect via Bluetooth to my Logitech Mini Boombox. While I can connect via a plug in cable, that defeats the purpose of having a wireless speaker, since it means the phone has to be tethered to the speaker. I got it to recognize the speaker once or twice and when I tried to connect it said I had provided an incorrect password or pin. However, the Logitech doesn’t require a password. The Logitech manual indicates that if I’m asked for a password to enter 0000. But the few times the Note 4 has seen it, it has not offered me any way to enter a password.

The rest of the time, when I run scan, I get a message that there are no devices available. Even though Logitech is blinking blue, which indicates it is broadcasting and is ready to connect. Any ideas? — Charis

Troubleshooting: Hello Charis. I have gone through Logitech’s support forums to check on this Mini Boombox that you’re having issues with and I found out many are also experiencing the same problem as yours regardless of the phone they’re using. But the thing is, there were also a lot of Note 4 users who were complaining about Bluetooth issues.

The thing about Bluetooth is that if there’s a pairing issue, it’s either the firmware that has a problem or hardware. Of course, devices that need to paired must be compatible with each other. In case it’s a firmware issue, you can’t simply update the Bluetooth because the update must come with the firmware update of the phone. As to the hardware problem, well, there’s nothing much you can do about it except send the phone in for repair (or replacement) by Samsung technicians.

The best way to address this is to delete the current pairing session in your phone and try to pair both devices again. If the won’t work, however, try to pair your Note 4 with other Bluetooth devices. If it has issues pairing with other BT devices, then it’s obvious it’s the one with the problem. Do the same for your Mini Boombox.

If there’s an available firmware update for your phone, try downloading and installing it on your phone. As to the BT speaker, you may have to call Logitech for it.

Galaxy Note 4 com.sec.imsservice has stopped error

Problem: Please see attached screenshot. The error message that doesn’t go away. I have cleaned the cache several times, reboot the phone several times and still getting the same error message. It comes up randomly and frequently regardless the application being used at the moment. Do you have any suggestions.

Phone type: Samsung Galaxy Note 4. — Charlie

Troubleshooting: The IMS in the error message stands for instant messaging service. It is the kind of service used by instant messaging apps including email applications that you are using. You cannot tell whether the app that’s using the service is third-party or pre-installed. So, the first step in solving this problem is to determine which app crashes. Boot the phone in safe mode just to find out if the error message still pops up.

If the error won’t pop up in safe mode, then you know it’s just a third-party app causing this. Boot the phone normally and open the apps you previously used when the error popped up. Once the error shows, check the battery usage. The IMS service should be near the top of the list. Find any instant messaging app or any messaging app for that matter and then clear the cache and data of those apps. Such procedure often works than not.

On the other hand, if the error pops up even in safe mode, you have no other option but to perform factory reset.

Error Messages “Email has stopped” Keeps Popping Up on Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello, my Note 4 just began giving a pop up error message constantly “unfortunately email has stopped” my email account hasn’t refreshed since 5/2 when the pop up message began. I have a Gmail app where I can still veiw messages but how do I get the pop up to stop? It’s very annoying. I don’t have the option to Uninstall the Email. — Tamika

Troubleshooting: No, you can’t uninstall the stock Email app from the Note 4 since only third-party apps can be ditched. You said you use the Gmail app in viewing your emails so most likely you’re using an email with domain. That said, I suggest you just clear the cache and data of the Email app to get rid of the account you set it up with. That’s the only way I can see to get rid of that annoying error message.

Note 4 freezes when Facebook is in use

Problem: I have the Note 4. Shortly after I got it a few months ago, it freezes but only while on Facebook. I uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail. Help! Thanks. — Paula

Troubleshooting: Hi Paula. I don’t know if something triggered this problem or not but if there’s an available firmware update for your phone, try to download and install it first. Then, go after Facebook (again) but try clearing its cache and data first before uninstalling it. Download a fresh copy of Facebook app from Play Store and install it. This time, try not to sync your contacts to see if that makes a difference and if the problem still occurs, it’s you reset the phone. I understand it’s just one app that’s messed up but if you’re a Facebook user, then it’s worth it.

Galaxy Note 4 microSD card issues

The next email is from our concerned reader who encountered SD card related issues. For those who are currently bugged by a problem caused by a malfunctioning SD card, you might want to read this.

Suggestion: Hello, I have been in the business 27 years and have worked with all major carriers. The SD card issue is not specific to the note 4. The issue is using older SD card in new phones. SD cards are rated by their access speed rates called classes. The older SD cards are class 2 and the newer SD cards are rated class 10 or u1. As processing speeds and multimedia file size has increased over the years SD card access rates have become increasingly more important. The class 2 cards just can’t handle the fast and long access rates that new multimedia files require. Many times end users will take their old SD card out of their 2-3 year old phone and place in their new phone. The equivalent of taking their 100000 mile 4 cylinder engine out of their old and putting it in a Ferrari. Then expect to drive a Ferrari and have the engine last. It just doesn’t work out well.

My suggestion to end users that are leary of cloud storage and don’t want to increase data usage by using the cloud is to upgrade their SD card. A.minimum of class 6 with a class 10/u1 SD card strongly recommended. These cards can handle the larger files and higher access rates of today’s multimedia files. Once my end users have done this, they no longer experience any SD card issues. I had a customer complain of losing her photos on three different phones. The only common denominator was a class 2 SD card. Once upgraded she no longer had missing photos and a year later she has no problems with her class 10/u1 card.

My recommendation for what it is worth, Skip Redding.

Damaged Microphone on Galaxy Note 4

Question: Hi, I purchased my note 4 about a month and a half ago, one day the mic just stopped working, every time someone calls me or I call someone, they couldn’t hear me unless I put it on speaker mode, I called Verizon tech support and after trying several things including a complete restore they said they would have to send me a “refurbished” replacement, I asked for a new unit but they did not go for it. My question is, is this a common, known issue with these phones? Thanks! — Miguel

Answer: No, it’s not really common, Miguel, but hardware problems happen all the time. Microphone issues with smartphones may also be caused by corrosion in the hole where the mic is. Blasting compressed air into the hole will get rid of the dirt and that might fix the problem for you, so please try that before agreeing with your provider to have your unit replaced with a refurbished one.

Galaxy Note 4 freezes/crashes after taking pictures

Problem: Hello, I’ve been having issues with my camera. My phone freezes/crashes after I take a picture or two. My phone will not respond until I remove the battery.   I’ve also had issues with the video, every video I record shows as a corrupted file. I’ve switched microsd cards, and I’m still having this issue. I’ve also factory reset my phone but that hasn’t resolved the issue. Thanks! — LC

Troubleshooting: Hey LC. To rule out the possibility that it’s just a microSD card problem, unmount it from your phone and set the device to save pictures/videos into its internal storage. If it still crashes or freezes, try clearing the cache and data of the Camera app, then, do not allow Gallery to sync with cloud services. Should the phone continue having the problem after all this, then it’s time you hard reset it.

Calls go straight to Voicemail on Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello there. We’ll, since the joyous lollipop update I have has the annoying factor that some people ringing me go straight to my voice mail! ! They do not show up as missed calls and I get a voicemail message close to an hour later…so frustrating, more so as a family member passed yesterday and I’ve missed two important calls. Also there are freezing issues on links with Facebook (slowly becoming face ache).

So frustrating. Any pointers welcome. Regards. — Stewart

Troubleshooting: Hi Stewart. If the coverage in your area is good to excellent, then the problem wherein calls go straight to voicemail is network-related. Call your provider and report it so that they can take necessary actions on their end. As to voicemail, end users can’t do anything except setup the phone and activate the service.

About the Facebook question, well, there have been reports that phones freezes while using the app but majority of those were fixed by simply uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Issue with Galaxy Note 4 proximity sensor

Problem: Hi, I have noticed strange behavior of my phone proximity sensor after update to lollipop 5.0.1. If I receive a call and I answer and instantly put the phone to my ear the screen won’t turn off. I have to remove the phone from my ear then put it back to turn off the screen during the call. If I answer and wait 1 – 2 seconds and then put the phone to my ear then the screen turns off. I have tried to reproduce the behavior in safe mode to and it is still happening. I have not tried to do a wipe because the behavior still happened in safe mode so I think it will still happen after the wipe.

Thank you, any suggestions would be appreciated. — Cristi

Troubleshooting: Hi Cristi. It is imperative you do the master reset to isolate the problem. Since you already tried booting the phone in safe mode, there are two possibilities left; either it’s a firmware or hardware problem. The best way to rule out the possibility that it’s a firmware problem is by hard reset. If it still happens after that, try contacting your provider about it, however, you may be advised to send the phone for repair. Their techs may need to re-flash (reinstall) the firmware.

“Not registered on network” error on Galaxy Note 4

Problem: My Note 4 randomly and often gives me an error message of “Not Registered on Network” when I try to make a phone call from home. I have spent 12+ hours on the phone with T Mobile (they sold me the phone and are my carrier) but they have not been able to make the proper setting changes to correct this glitch.

I know this is an ongoing issue because T Mobile has heard this complaint from many other users. Hope you can help. — Debra

Troubleshooting: Hello Debra. The only time the “Not Registered on Network” error appears is when the phone tries to connect to the network, use it’s service but the network can’t recognize the device. It happens when the IMEI of the phone was changed or turned to “null” or if there’s no record of the device in the provider’s system.

The first thing you should do is check the IMEI of your phone by dialing *#06# and wait for the little window to pop up and show it. If there’s an IMEI, copy it on a piece of paper and then turn your phone off. Remove the back cover and the battery and try to compare the IMEI provider by your phone to the sticker on its back. If the IMEIs aren’t identical, or if dialing *#06# returned a null value, call your provider. Your phone may need to be reprovisioned.

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