Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 11]

Good day dear Readers! Here’s another interesting heap of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 issues so read on!


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Unable to use accented characters in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hello there. I’m having an issue with my keyboard. When I try to insert an accent it says that the keyboard has stopped working. Please I need help with this. Thanks. — Paola

Troubleshooting: Hi Paola. The answer to your query depends on the keyboard you are using. If you are having trouble with the stock keyboard, we suggest that you go into its settings and look for the option to reset all settings. This will bring the keyboard back to its factory defaults as well as delete possible corrupt system files causing the problem.

However, if you’re using a third party keyboard, you need to clear the application cache to fix this problem. Follow the steps below in clearing the application cache appropriately:

  • First, tap the Apps icon from the home screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll and tap the Application Manager.
  • Touch the third party keyboard application you are using.
  • Lastly, tap the Clear cache button found at the bottom part of the screen.

Hope this process will help you resolved your current issue.


Intermittent network connection for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: My phone consistently loses network connection even though it has a strong 4G signal. I have to put it in airplane mode and switch it back to get it back on. How can I fix this? — Christopher

Troubleshooting: Hi Christopher. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to network connection issues. The first of these factors is to ensure that phone itself is not the reason behind the issue. You can do so by booting it to safe mode. In this environment, your Note 4 will temporarily turn off third party applications you have installed to help you rule out them out as the cause. If you have not done booting the phone in Safe mode before, just follow these steps:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button to turn on the phone.
  • Once the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button until the device boots up completely.
  •  A “Safe Mode” display will be displayed on the bottom-left of the screen.

If the phone is functioning well while set in a safe mode, you need to remove third party applications on your phone starting from the most recently installed. Continue observing the phone after removing each application.

You can do a factory reset if issue is still not resolved or contact your service provider for further assistance. You may also consider having the phone replaced if it’s more convenient.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 restarts when there is an incoming call and shows “refreshing SIM data” error

Problem: Hi. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bought 3 months ago. About a month ago, I am having problem when anyone call me it says that restart you device and yes or no. Whatever l press, phone will lose connection and signal as well as an error message saying that the phone is refreshing SIM data. I have already changed SIM. Please help if you know what is the problem – Irfan

Troubleshooting: Hi Irfan. There can be 2 sides to this problem. The cause can be hardware or software in nature so your first task is to rule out what exactly it is. To do that you must physically check the SIM card slot on your phone to see any possible defects, especially where the connectors are located. If you can, try to clean the copper connectors, making sure that there’s no dust or foreign object that might cause any loose connection.

The second best thing to do is do a factory reset. Make sure that you have created a backup of your files before doing a factory reset.

If a reset won’t do anything, call your service provider and ask them if your SIM card is properly configured to work with their network. You may also just ask a replacement phone from them if this is part of a data plan as there’s a chance that issue may be on the hardware side. There have been a few cases that the phone’s radio transceivers may not be working correctly so it’s best if you can request for a replacement device.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 getting poor mobile data signal/cellular signal

Problem: Hello. I need help with some network issues am having with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I live some few metres away from a cell tower yet still cell signal on my Note 4 is very poor. Also my network goes off when I try to switch from WCDMA to GSM only. I have updated to the latest version of Android Lollipop 5.0.1 but has not gotten any better. I hope you can help me out. Thank you. — Michael

Troubleshooting: Hi Michael. Chances are you are not provisioned to connect to the cellphone tower nearest to your home that’s why your Note 4 is receiving low signal. Proximity to the physical cellphone tower does not always guarantee that a device can automatically receive its services just like in your case. If you have slow mobile data connection most of the time, it’s best if you can ask your service provider about what type of network covers your area. If you are within their WCDMA or GSM coverage only that’s the most likely reason for your network problems. Both of these network modes may be good enough for old-school SMS and MMS but not for today’s data hungry apps. In order to enjoy faster connection speeds, you must either be within LTE or 4G coverage.


Wi-Fi calling issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | Camera app has different date and time on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

First I’m a tech and a power user for over 40 years. I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 9 years starting with several Blackberry models before finally going to the Galaxy S2, S4 and then because of total reliance on Wi-Fi calling upgrading to the Note 4. Samsung has a major problem with Wi-Fi calling with the Note 4 and it hasn’t been corrected in Lollipop 5.0.1. This has been, finally, confirmed by Tier 2 along with the information that there is no date as to when a fix will be released.

Since I’m on the very edge of coverage at my current location the only way I can make or receive calls is by using Wi-Fi calling.

I’m currently on my second T-Mobile Asus CellSpot Router (TM-AC1900) and l lose signal from 20 feet away. I’ve used different locations. Wi-Fi for the Internet & for file transfer is excellent and as I currently have 3 routers installed no one drops connections within our large house.

The next issue is one I just noticed within the last week. The time shown for the pictures I take is 17hrs before the current time they are taken.

I took a picture at 6:07 pm today and the file information says the picture was taken at 1:07 am.  What’s with that?

Any ideas welcomed. Thanks. — Greg

Troubleshooting: Hi Greg. Wi-Fi calling issues have been there even before Lollipop was released so we agree with you that there must be a persistent un-addressed bug in some devices. What’s interesting is that the issue appears sporadic and seems spread to Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. We believe Samsung and Google are aware of the issue by now but are yet to release a patch to fix it. They also haven’t acknowledged the issue officially so their official stance is still phone replacement.

There had been known remedies for the issue that includes wiping the cache partition (instead of wiping the cache of the Wi-Fi calling app only), doing a factory reset, and disabling then enabling of airplane mode although they are hardly the permanent fix that we are looking for.

If still possible, you may want to consider getting the device replaced.

For your second issue, have you tried checking the global system date and time of your device? An Android device usually auto-synchronizes its date and time from its wireless provider’s network. However, you can also manually change the device’s date and time anytime. Now, the camera app itself receives it’s time from the phone’s own system time so it’s interesting to note that this is not happening in your device. Please re-visit your phone’s Date and time settings and make sure that Automatic date and time option is enabled.


Voice command not working in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Have had the phone for 2 weeks, love it! I am an iPhone convert. Suddenly the microphone is not taking any dictation, voice input, and not working on a phone call. I am unable to find anything to help me on the forums. I have gone through all apps using notifications, tried resetting the phone, tried resetting S Voice and still nothing. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance for your help. — Jessie

Troubleshooting: Hi Jessie. There are two similar apps in your Note 4 that offers identical services and features: S Voice and Google Now. If resetting S Voice did not work, you are most likely using Google Now app for voice commands. To check, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Language and input.
  • Tap Voice search.
  • Tap OK Google Detection. Make sure that this is set to Always on.

If you continue to experience the same problem, try to uninstall third party apps individually starting with the most recent one. If you recently installed a wearable app or anything that want to access notifications, that must the culprit.


“Oops! There seems to be some connectivity issues” error on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hi DroidGuy. I’ve only recently had this problem (about a week) with my Note 4. It will randomly show up a notification which says “Oops! There seems to be some connectivity issues” whether I’m at home on Wi-Fi or I’m outdoors on data. Whenever this notification shows up I can still search the Internet fine. But it can come up incessantly.

Wanted to get a screen grab but it fades off pretty quickly. Please advise, thank you. Regards. — Terence

Troubleshooting: Hi Terence. Try to boot your phone in Safe mode to see if this is an app-related error (most probably it is) then remove any third party app that you have installed lately, especially those that have access to Wi-Fi or data connection.

If that doesn’t fix it, you may have to do a factory reset.


Samsung SD card not working properly when inserted into a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: I’ve done two factory resets since the Lollipop update and the phone still doesn’t recognize the SD card. It’s a Samsung card at that. It would recognize it intermittently but now I get were messages all day. This card is fairly new but I’m scared that it may be a problem with the phone. Any tips would be appreciated. — Glacier

Troubleshooting: Hi Glacier. A good way to determine which side has the problem would be to insert that SD card to another device like a computer, another smartphone, or camera. If it works on other devices, the issue should only be with the phone or vice versa.

If the card can be detected by a computer, make sure that you create a copy of all your files inside in case you want to reformat it using your Note 4.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 lock screen icons turns into black squares and numbers

Problem: I updated my software to 5.0.1. Ever since that after using the phone for a while my screen icons get black or get texty. The phone works fine but i need to restart it to get the icons back to normal. Screenshots attached.

What might be the problem and how do I solve it? — Kumeil

Troubleshooting: Hi Kumeil. Did you happen to root your Note 4? A similar occurrence has been reported to us before and we were able to trace it to an unknown bug after the phone was rooted. The issue was resolved after the user reverted back to the stock Android Lollipop ROM.

However, if your phone runs the standard Android Lollipop, try to boot it up in Safe mode to see if third party apps are causing this trouble.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stock phone app problems | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stock keyboard not working properly when used with Swype gestures

Problem: Hi Harvey. Thanks for the always providing great insight!  I would like to report 2 issues regarding the Lollipop update to my Samsung Note4 (T-Mobile).

The first issue you already commented on but, said you had not seen heard other reports. This has been a big issue and I’ve seen it posted in other forums. The selection of contacts or dialing doesn’t always work. You select your contact, press the dial button, place phone next to ear and the call was never placed – there is no record in your log either.

The same goes for individually entering a phone number – enter the digits, press dial and the call is never made or entry made in the log. You have to sometimes dial multiple times for the call to actually go through. Also, I’ve placed a call and was told to press a certain number for a department – the pressed numbers are not being recognized. I am using the stock phone app and like I said, I’ve seen several others having issues with the phone app.

Second, and this is a very annoying one that I cannot see being reported. Using the stock messaging app with Samsung Keyboard, when performing swype gestures, the status bar (where word recommendations display) continues to drop with every swype movement – it makes your eyes bonkers by jumping up and down. I cannot find a common theme to this either as it happens at various times (both Wi-Fi and 4G), and it will correct itself as well.  I have restarted my phone to correct the issue but, at times it will return with no standardization.  I’ve contacted T-Mobile support and they recommended clearing my data for my keyboard – that would work but, it will erase my dictionary each time.

I’m guessing some may just ignore this issue or don’t notice it.  It does go away but, why is it occurring?  I think it can be sometimes when the phone is laid flat. I so miss the Swype keyboard that was included on my S3.

Let me know if you’d like additional information. Thanks for listening and look forward to any feedback! — CKent

Troubleshooting: Hi CKent. It’s a bit difficult to point out exactly what may be the real cause when we are dealing with issues about a device not making or receiving a call because we have to consider some variables beyond our control. Some calling issues with Note 4 are carrier-specific while others can be traced back to third party apps installed on the phone. Your case appears to be phone-specific though because you mention that some dialing out attempts are not even registered in your call logs. While we can only speculate at this point, doing the standard troubleshooting steps to resolve an Android software issue will not hurt. Booting the phone in Safe mode

while trying to replicate the problem is a good way to start. If the stock phone app works fine in Safe mode, that’s a good indicator that one of your apps is the culprit.

You can also try to perform a factory reset.

As regards your second concern, we are aware that some users have mentioned some weird issues on their stock keyboard after updating to Lollipop but no ever mentioned the specific issue you are experiencing. Because it is a first party app, the only thing a user can do is to delete it’s data (which you already mentioned), perform a factory reset, or use a third party alternative until a patch can be released.


Internet and email won’t work when Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is connected to home Wi-Fi

Problem: I have a Samsung Note 4 with Android version 4.4.4.  Everything was fine and then yesterday my emails wouldn’t send and I couldn’t receive them either. I turned off my Wi-Fi and then it would work properly. My Facebook app also won’t work correctly through my Wi-Fi unless I turn it off.

It’s frustrating because I am using all this data , which my plan won’t like. I contacted Verizon and they told me to delete 3rd party apps because my RAM was dangerously close to being full. I don’t have all that many apps, so I thought it was weird. But, I did anyway.  Then they had me do a setting reset to see if that would work. It didn’t. Then they told me it might be my internet connection.

So I called Comcast. After several hours of talking to 7 different people in 5 different departments, they said no way . It’s my airport extreme router. My Comcast modem is only a modem.

So I called Apple who luckily for me worked with me for free since I have never called them. We reset my router. Basically deleted it and reinstalled it. After that, I was able to send and receive emails and my Facebook worked. They set up a call back at 9pm. I left to go pick up my son and when I came back, it was back to the way it was before. I can’t send/receive email unless I’m on 4G.  Apple called back and we did the screen sharing and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my Airport Extreme. It showed it was connected and every setting was right.

This isn’t happening to anyone else in my household so Apple says it has to be my phone. I have Comcast email.

I am at my wit’s end because no one says it’s them and I have no idea how to fix it.

Thank you so much for your help. — Jenn

Troubleshooting: Hi Jenn. That’s a strange bug you got. In some rare cases, Android devices can do get all sorts of unexpected behavior when connected to a Wi-Fi. Have you tried disconnecting your device from the network by tapping the Forget network option under Wi-Fi settings instead of restarting it? Sometimes, an IP conflict issue can happen resulting to some device in a home network mysteriously failing to connect to the internet all of a sudden. This suggests that your router is having trouble keeping tabs of the devices connected to it, messing up its routing table. At this point, it is important that we can advance a little farther in isolating the issue by either:

  • connecting your phone to another Wi-Fi for several hours to check the email sync functionality as well as the internet functionality in general, or;
  • Using another router at home.

If internet and email work when your Note 4 is connected to another device, that means your router is to blame.



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  1. hi i have a note 4 and my problem is i keep seeing my keyboard fading behind the screen everytime i go to a white page i see the keyboard behind everything

  2. Since the last update of my galaxy note 4 he is showing me the icon in the status bar that there are no network access but i can call and open my mobile data just not from the notification bar (just from the settings) how can i remove this bug btw i tried the safe mode it didnt help and when i open the mobile data from the notification bar it shows me a popup that sais :”insert SIM card to access network services” please help me it is getting so disturbing and thank you

  3. Gi, my galaxy note 4 was working fine, I was texting and all of a sudden the screen went completely black/blank, the phone itself is still working as I can still hear it power up and the main keys like volume, soft keys and power buttons work but there is nothing on the screen, I have tried different things from the Internet like removing battery, holding power key and leaving the battery out for a while but nothing, this happened yesterday. What I would like to no is if I took it back to the shop, would they fix it under the years warranty or would they class it as being my fault??? Please help xx

  4. Hi, i have a galaxy note 4 and whenever i loos wifi connection, the screen will stop and it says you must be connected with internet. It will be fixed when i have wifi connection. How do i fix that? Thanks.

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