Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Glitches, Solutions and Troubleshooting [Part 72]

Just another post for our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 troubleshooter series. This article covers a wide range of issues about this device so read on!


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 randomly getting hot

Problem: Hi Dear. Thank you for this remarkable support. I have a Samsung Note 3 for 1 year now. The problem I am having is that it heats up from time to time and I have to turn it off every time it gets hot. Thanks. — Moulay

Troubleshooting: Hi Moulay. It’s normal for electronic devices to get warm, especially if they are used for demanding tasks like playing graphics-heavy games. However, if your Note 3 gets uncomfortably warm while doing routine tasks, that may suggests an on-going software or hardware problem. Malware or other malicious third party apps can cause the phone to overheat by asking it to do demanding tasks for extended periods. If a device exceeds its heat tolerance level, it may get hot fast and eventually goes into overheating mode. Basically, only the central processing unit cores get hot overtime and if they have overshot their heat threshold, the phone will eventually shut itself down to prevent damage.

To check if a third party application or malware is at play, you must boot the phone in Safe mode. If your phone works normally while in Safe mode, that’s an indicator that a third party app is the culprit. You must uninstall them one by one starting from the most recently installed to be able to isolate the offending app. If you want to skip this tedious process though, you can perform a factory reset right away to wipe everything from your phone. Just make sure that you have created a backup copy of your personal data before you do it.

After doing a factory reset, try to be careful in installing apps. If you will unintentionally re-install the app responsible for the problem, you may end up having the same problem. Install only trusted apps. Anything that appears strange and unfamiliar must be let go. Let us know if this resolves your problem.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 boot loop solution

Problem: I just downloaded the new Lollipop update for my Note 3 and when the phone rebooted it installs update to 100% then the phone stops and turns off. It can not turn back on until battery is removed. Then it turns on and does the same thing, installs update to 100% and so on. — George

Troubleshooting: Hi George. There can be a few reasons why a device finds itself in constant reboot. Some of the most common factors for the problem you are experiencing are:

  • Corrupt or faulty primary internal storage or secondary micro SD card.
  • Multiple apps trying to update themselves at the same time.
  • Multiple services and apps simultaneously trying to load.
  • Corrupt downloaded update files.

Most of the time, there is no hardware issue involved in an issue like this (except when the problem stems from a faulty internal storage or micro SD card). This is good news since majority of the time, software issues can be resolved.
So here are the possible solutions for your problem:

Check the state of your micro SD card. Unmount your SD card properly and use your phone without it. Corrupt SD cards can cause performance issues as well boot loop (your issue) so disconnecting it from your phone is a good way to confirm it. It’s also recommended that you regularly reformat micro SD cards to lengthen their lifespan. If you haven’t done so in a long time, now is the time to do it. Make sure to create a copy of all your files in that SD cards first before proceeding.

Wipe the phone’s system cache. One of the standard Android troubleshooting step, deleting the phone’s cache is a must in this case. Make sure to follow our tutorial on how to do it here.

Do a factory reset. If nothing works, this will be the last step that you can do as a user. Ensure that you have created a copy of all your files before you do this. Just follow this link on how to do a factory reset.

Consider getting a replacement phone is the problem persists after a factory reset.


How to update Samsung Note 3 (SM-N900A) to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. I am using Samsung Note 3 (SM-N900A). I am using it in India. I am stuck with 4.4.2 on the phone. I assume,  Lollipop is available for this. But,  when I am checking for updates, it says I have the latest. Please help in this matter. — Abhi

Troubleshooting: Hi Abhi. Please consult your carrier first if there’s a way for you to get the new Android ROM via OTA (over-the-air). If that’s not available, you can always use Kies from Samsung to update your phone.

You can download Kiesfrom this link so you can install it in your computer.


Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 keeps on crashing after it was unlocked

Problem: Hi. Just checking if you can help me out. My Note 3 is only a couple months old but it was locked to Verizon and it was unlocked so I could use it on a carrier in my country. It keeps on restarting on its own. It would freeze then restart on its own…or it would say Facebook app has stopped or Viber has stopped….Basically, all the apps on my phone at some point during the day has stopped…then it would say like settings has stopped or basic things on the phone has stopped. What can I do ? Oh and check the screenshot ever since it was unlocked it keeps that message on. — Andrea

Troubleshooting: Hi Andrea. Your phone may have an underlying software issue after it was unlocked. Try to clear its system cache and do a factory reset to resolve the issue.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 high YouTube Foreground data usage

Problem: I usually never go over 1GB of data in  a month and when I do it’s not by much.  I’m also the one responsible for my company’s cell phone plan and I’m always looking at data usage. So to my surprise after I updated to Lollipop YouTube has almost used 2GB alone just on my device!  I’m now almost at 3GB of data and still have close to a half of a month to go before my data resets.  Attached is a screen shot.  I’m dumbfounded and think other Note 3 users, Verizon, Samsung and Google need to be aware of this bug. — Matthew

Troubleshooting: Hi Matthew. Based on the pictures you sent us, YouTube app’s Foreground data counter consumed 1.46GB while the Background data counter only 7.87MB. This means that this app had been extensively used actively as compared to it using data while doing background tasks. The high Foreground data figure means that the app was used to view tons of videos although this is hardly alarming given the fact that many YouTube videos nowadays can be rendered in HD (720p, 1080p, and above). If you are not fond of watching videos on YouTube, is it possible that someone may have used your phone without your knowledge?

To prevent this from happening, try to fine-tune your YouTube app’s settings by selecting the lowest resolution possible.


How to change the size of widgets in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | Changing time and date format in Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Hello! The calendar widget on my Galaxy Note 3 was ruined by the recent update. Now it is so big that it takes up half my screen. Before the update I was able to decide how big the widget was, and I had it taking up one fourth of the screen.  Now all I can see is weather and calendar.

Also, when my phone is asleep and I pick it up to check the time, the time is now a tiny numerous in the upper left corner. It is hard to see. Before the update it was big. I want to be able to edit my own sleep screen. 

They have ruined my two most used features.

This message was texted. Please assume auto complete is the problem if it looks as though I have said something strange.

…may all beings be happy. — C. Pevey

Troubleshooting: Hi C. Pevey. There are some widgets whose size can be changed by pressing and holding them until the “resize” or “delete” options appear. Try that see what happens. Note: Not all widgets allow resizing.

We think that your second issue can resolved by changing your phone’s time and date settings under Settings>Date and time>Select date format. Under this section, try to figure out what works best for you.


AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 won’t work with StraightTalk service when sending MMS

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it will not send picture messages. It’s an AT&T phone but have Straight Talk service. I call technical support and they told me I had to turn off my Wi-Fi every time. It worked a few weeks then stopped. I can’t send any pictures now…Please help. — Betty

Troubleshooting: Hi Betty. We believe the issue lies on your phone’s incorrect APN settings. Please go to Settings>Mobile data>Access Point Names. Once you are in the APN screen, select New APN to enter the values below:

Name: straight talk

APN: tfdata


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Note: If you continue to have problems sending MMS or picture messages, please contact StraightTalk again and verify with them if your APN settings are correct. This should fix the problem.


Getting “Unfortunately, photo editor has stopped” error in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after installing Lollipop

Problem: Thank you for your info. I just updated to 5.0 and now the stock photo editor keeps crashing. “Unfortunately, photo editor has stopped” error. Any idea why or how to fix?

Thank you in advance. — Alex

Troubleshooting: Hi Alex. Please delete the app’s cache or your phone’s system cache. Afterwards, restart the phone. That should fix the problem.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 volume keeps on returning to high setting

Problem: Please help. I am unable to control the volume on my Samsung Note 3. I follow instructions. Go to sound and adjust the setting. I do this and turn down the volume. Then whilst watching a video, within seconds or min the volume  will return to high  output again. 

How can I fix this and lock in the sound pitch  I want. Thanks. — Coral

Troubleshooting: Hi Coral. This was known issue for Android devices after Lollipop was released. An effective solution for this problem was to delete the phone’s system cache and factory reset. Samsung said this is not a hardware issue of any kind to doing a factory reset should restore the basic functions of the phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 performs slower and keeps on lagging after updating to Lollipop

Problem: Hi! I recently updated my cell to Lollipop thinking my cell will be updated to work faster and better. Instead, it keeps on lagging. I am not able to use WhatsApp smoothly… battery drains out very fast…not at all happy. My phone has become very very slow. Really frustrated. Please help asap. Hoping for a quick reply. — Shweta

Problem: Hi. After the Lollipop update on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, my phone keeps rebooting after startup. It goes through the booting up screen and successfully to the lock screen, the only allows a few seconds until the while thing reboots. I’ve tried wiping the cache partition. Any solutions? Thanks for your time. — Tony

Troubleshooting: Hi Guys! If you encounter problems after updating your Android device following a major update like Lollipop, please wipe the phone’s cache partition and do a factory reset.


Missing slide-to-call feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after installing Lollipop

Problem: Hi. I recently factory reset my Note 3 but while installing I mistakenly opted out of the “slide-to-call” feature. Now when I slide on a contact name the scree shifts from contacts to favorites to logs (and vice versa). How do I enable slide to call/message on contact feature? Best Regards. — Ar. Deepak

Troubleshooting: Hi Ar. Deepak. Try touching the contact about half way in the middle and slide it to the right. It’s slightly different with the KitKat but this feature should still work.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cannot download a certain app from Play Store

Problem: Hello. I have Samsung Note 3. I am trying to install an app from App Store but my phone isn’t downloading and installing the it. When I click any app to install from App Store, my Mobile start downloading and it keep downloading but does not do other thing. Downloading bar keep running and saying its installing but it never ends or installs. Can you please help me how can i fix this issue? Thanks. — Sohaib

Troubleshooting: Hi Sohaib. The problem may be specific to the app you are trying to install. There are some apps that really takes a long time to install while most happens in a flash. Try to contact the developer of the app and ask them for support for their product.


Auto-rotate does not work on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Ok. So here’s the thing. I bought this Note 3 on eBay when I got it everything worked great nothing was wrong with it at all. I put the phone on page plus 4G and it still worked fine. However about a week ago my camera stopped rotating and is stuck in like landscape. And I have just noticed that my screen rotation is not working at all either unless it’s a game that has to be played in landscape it does not flip…. when using YouTube I have to hit the sign at the bottom for u to full screen… and while I’m in a call the phone used to turn black now it does not and I have to turn off the screen or it hit buttons…. is there any way to fix this I reset my phone about 3 days ago to try and fix camera like ur site said…. but that didn’t work…. please help I just want my phone to work right again. — Mikayla

Troubleshooting: Hi Mikayla. We are actually still trying to determine ourselves what is the specific reason for this problem. We are aware that this is a known issue for some Android devices at this time. Unfortunately, no solution exists yet for this issue as of this time. Samsung and Google are yet to comment on this as well so please be patient until the developers can figure out a fix.


Download speed slows down when Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses Psiphon

Problem: Hi sir. I’m using Note 3 from almost 6 months with KitKat 4.4.2.  It was so fast and internet was awesome. But recently I got  my phone updated to Lollypop 5.0 and now mobile internet speed is very slow. 

I am using Psiphon to download my files but here in Lollypop 5.0 internet speed remains higher for just 5 to 10 seconds, after that suddenly its download speed decrease from 1 MBps to around 40 KBps.

Just for your information, I am using up to date software in this phone and Lollipop 5.0 is not rooted as well.

Please guide me what should i do now to get the same high speed internet.  Either i change my phone to KitKat again or I can do something to get higher speed of internet. Waiting for your kind advise. Regards. — Irfan

Troubleshooting: Hi Irfan. The free VPN service from Psiphon may actually be the reason for the throttled internet speed you are getting right now. Although they don’t declare it, free VPNs like Psiphon manages the connection speed they may allow their users from time to time. Technical problems can also affect their service to their users. If you are a paying user of Psiphon, kindly contact them about this issue.


AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM card keeps getting locked out

Problem: Hello. And thank you so much for helping people with problems with their phones. What you do is a great service and I appreciate it so much. My problem is with my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It all of a sudden a couple weeks ago suddenly started popping up an error message that says “Unfortunately, S Finder has stopped”. And every time I hit OK it just keeps popping right back up and every time I try real fast to hit anything else on the screen in between hitting OK for the second I got it just keeps popping back up over and over again.

This phone was working amazing until a couple months ago I had to do something to my phone I’m not sure what AT&T did to it but my phone was all of a sudden saying I had to enter a pass code to even get into my phone because the SIM card was permanently locked. I went into some kind of settings trying I thought doing something else because I know NOTHING ABOUT THESE SMARTPHONES AT ALL.

This is my very first touchscreen phone and I permanently locked the SIM card and it was asking me for a SIM unlock code so AT&T just gave me the code. Now EVERY single time my phone automatically gets shut off like if the battery runs out before I catch it or I just turn it off to reset it, I HAVE TO ALWAYS PUT IN THAT SAME CODE EVERY SINGLE TIME TO UNLOCK THE SIM CARD. I have NO idea if that has anything to do with it because it NEVER STARTED HAPPENING TILL JUST A COUPLE WEEKS AGO ( the S Finder has stopped working message). Just thought I would bring that up too just in case maybe you have a solution to that problem as well or if you think the 2 by chance are related AT ALL?

Please try and help me. I absolutely love my phone and I need it extremely bad because I do not have the money at all to get another one. It’s the only way I have to check on my 3 teenage daughters that need to be checked on. Of course all the time at this age and also I have severe anxiety so I AM CONSTANTLY WORRYING ABOUT THEM AN CHECKING ON THEM ALL THE TIME. I am also mentally and physically disabled so I can’t get out of the house much at all so all I have for an outlet is my phone. I cannot lose my phone and ALL MY PICS AND CONTACTS BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY OF MY KIDS and GRAND BABIES that I do not know how to back them up to anything at all.

I have so many of them I’m not sure if anything would back them up. There probably wouldn’t be enough storage anywhere I guess to back them up I’m not sure. PLEASE DESPERATELY IN NEED OF HELP VERY VERY BADLY. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I APPRECIATE IT SO SO MUCH. SINCERELY. — Sandra

Troubleshooting: Hi Sandra. We appreciate your effort in sending us a detailed description of your problem.

If we are not mistaken, the code that you are referring to is what we call PIN Unlocking Key or PUK to allow your SIM card to continue functioning after getting locked out of your network. If you don’t want to do this every time the phone is restarted, please follow these steps below:

  • Select the myAT&T tab.
  • At the top of the page under Wireless, select My Phone / Device.
  • If needed, click Select and choose the mobile number of the device that needs the PUK code.
  • Under Support, select the Unlock SIM card using PIN Unlock link.
  • Use the PUK code and instructions provided on the Unlock SIM Card Using PIN Unlock Key screen to unlock your SIM card.

Keep in mind that your phone will permanently lock the SIM card after entering the PUK code 10 times in a row. If you’ll get PUK blocked call operator or PUK2 message on the screen, you must get a new SIM card. Please call AT&T if you need more assistance.


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