Qualcomm rubbishes reports of Snapdragon 810 facing overheating issues

Snapdragon 810

We have come across endless reports of the Snapdragon 810 chipset facing overheating warnings on devices. The issue first came to the surface when it was said that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be skipping the Snapdragon 810 over the aforementioned concerns. This was then confirmed when we saw the HTC One M9 showing overheating warnings on a demo unit during the MWC 2015.

Speaking on the matter, the VP of Marketing at Qualcomm, Tim McDonough said the following in an interview with Forbes – “Our point of view is that those rumors happened with the LG G Flex 2 and Qualcomm 810 being first to market with the premium-tier application processor. Then somebody decided to put out some false rumours about that, which is unfortunate but sometimes that’s how business is done. That has forced us to spend a lot of time addressing the false rumors.”

The reports were almost confirmed when we saw LG skip the Snapdragon 810 and use the Snapdragon 808 for the LG G4. But Qualcomm has an explanation for this as well. “These decisions get made 18 months before a phone shows its face. When we were working with LG on the G Flex 2 and G4, Qualcomm produced the 810 and 808 around the same time. The simple reason is the design goals of the G4 2k experience.”

Do you buy Qualcomm’s argument?

Source: Forbes

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  1. i have an absolute trust in Qualcom processor the quality and reliability of qualcom snapdragon processor is not matched by any one ! this stories about the 810 is rubbish . IT JUST SHOW THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE COMPETITION AND ITS DEPLORABLE TACTICS AND MARKETING GIMMICKS . IN TRUTH THEY ARE ALL SCARE LIKE HELL !

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