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Possible Shield Portable 2 unit spotted by a benchmark listing

NVIDIA Shield Portable

The NVIDIA Shield Portable from 2013, managed to gather a lot of eyeballs in the tech sphere as it promised to bring top end titles to a portable device, complete with the usual set of gaming controls. And today, a benchmark listing has popped up, possibly of the Shield Portable 2, giving us a good idea about its hardware as well.

GFXBench has revealed that this device comes with 32GB of onboard storage, coupled by 3GB of RAM. It is also said that the device comes with a 7.8 inch 1080p display, but without a touchscreen. This essentially means that all the controls will have to be managed with the device’s D Pad and other navigational keys, which might not necessarily be a bad thing despite the relatively large display on board.

Shield Portable 2

There’s no word on the make of the chipset, but the CPU clock speed is shown to be 2.0 GHz, which suggests that this is indeed going to be a powerhouse as far as performance is concerned. We hope NVIDIA will unveil the Shield Portable 2 at the earliest, so that it doesn’t remain a mystery for long.

Source: GFX Bench

Via: VR Zone

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