Microsoft’s document scanning app, Office Lens makes its way to Android

Office Lens

You must be aware of the Word Lens software (now owned by Google), which would translate text around you in real time using the camera viewfinder on your phone. Something similar is now coming out of Microsoft’s sheds, but for documents (sans the translation, of course).

The company has released something known as Office Lens for Android via the Google Play Store, which basically lets you point at a handwritten document and convert it into a neatly arranged document. This comes after Microsoft extensively beta tested the app through its Google+ communities page from the April 2nd until now. The company claims that there were over 130,000 testers for the app.

Office Lens

From receipts to whiteboards, books to legal documents, the Office Lens Android pocket scanner recognizes the corners of any rectangular media and automatically crops, straightens and enhances the image, which can be saved to multiple sources at the same time,” said Microsoft in its official release.

It’s an excellent idea by the company and is certain to strike a chord with the public. By bringing it to the Android masses, Microsoft can ensure that a large number of global users have access to some of its popular services. Head over to the link below and give Office Lens a go.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: 9to5Google

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