Lenovo’s new ‘Magic View’ smartwatch officially revealed

Magic View - Lenovo

Lenovo is at the forefront of innovation as we very well know. The company only today announced a new virtual reality headset known as the VR Goggles. In the same event, the company also revealed its new concept smartwatch, known as Magic View.

The name stems from the fact that the wearable has two displays, one which is the primary watch face and the other located right below it on the strap, which will be visible only to the user. This is also being touted as a private display where you can view photos, videos and even get Maps access. In the company’s words, this second display functions based on ‘optical reflection’ from the primary display, which sounds quite innovative.

Lenovo Magic View

We’re guessing the users will be able to switch content to the second screen according to their liking, which makes this a very desirable concept. And since it’s running Android Wear, we’re guessing it should be available on a global scale. For the time being, it is simply a concept though, so we won’t hold our breath for its release.

Do you like the concept? Check out the announcement video below. Although it’s mostly in Chinese, it does give you a very good idea of its functioning. Also, if you find its design to be strikingly similar to the Moto 360, you’re not the only one.

Source: Lenovo