HTC could bring ads to the BlinkFeed homescreen

HTC BlinkFeed

It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling to make an impact on the mobile industry with its new devices. A report now suggests that the company is looking to take radical steps in order to bring in some money from its mobile wing. It is being said that the company’s BlinkFeed homescreen could soon be littered by ads as a means of getting more revenue.

BlinkFeed is the default homescreen app on HTC smartphones (known as HTC Home in the Play Store) and is very popular among the users. This social media friendly homecreen gives you access to all your feeds right at one place, providing a beautiful UI experience.

We have also managed to access a screenshot which shows an ad for an application. Clicking the ad will prompt you to open the app on the Play Store, much like any other ad. Sadly, the ads take up almost 50% of the screen space, so it can be a bit of an annoyance for the users. The company hasn’t announced the timeframe for the arrival of this feature, but we expect it to happen sometime soon.

Source: @Upleaks – Twitter