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Following Apple’s trail in introducing its voice-recognition software, Siri, Google and Samsung created the Siri for Android called Google Now (developed by Google) and S Voice (developed by Samsung). As what any average Android user should know by now, these two voice recognition apps come pre-installed on Android phones starting May 2012. Each of these intelligent personal assistants has since then attracted their own legion of users. And like any other app, problems apparently caused by one of them started to surface as some users bolted to the internet to complain.

In this post, we cover reported problems about Google Now on Samsung Galaxy S5 at this time. We may have to come up with a separate post for problems related to Samsung’s S Voice in the near future. We have included emails from some of our readers who are having problems with Google Now in this post. May you find this post as helpful as ever.

Based in our research as well as complaints from our own readers, the following are the common problems specific to Google Now app regardless of Android version running on the device:

Problem #1: Google Now app comes up even by simply tapping the Home button once

Hello. Since the update, when I hit the Home key it always pops up the Google search. I turned off S-Voice. I tried to disable the Google Now app, but when I do that my Home button doesn’t work at all. Is this an issue since the update or could it possibly be a phone issue? — JL03

I have a Samsung S5. I have done everything but stand on my head trying to keep my phone from going to get Google Now. I am at the point I’m ready to go with another phone this is getting ridiculous. — Abowjack111

Hello. My name is Joshua and I am hoping you could take some time and help me with my phone problem. I am having a problem with the Google Search function. I am constantly taken to the Google Search when I press my Home key. I went to settings and deactivated the Home button feature. I have reset my phone numerous times. I have taken the battery out. I have looked online and have not found an answer to my problem. It is not constant, but does happen every day. Please help, thank you. — JJOlson

Hello. Since this recent update to my Samsung Galaxy S5 last week, (April 1st or so) it won’t go to the home screen when I hit the Home button but brings up the Google Internet screen with keyboard.  If I click home button again it goes back to what I was doing before hitting the home button, ex: messages. 

I need to hit the history button on the left of the home button,  then clear history to actually get back to the home screen, which runs extremely slow to do. The system lags in time to bring anything up. Apps, phone, programs all seem to be working fine, other than the Home screen button, which reverts to Google Internet screen with keyboard. 

I have AT&T, not sure if that matters. I don’t remember if it was an update that was issued from my carrier to the phone,  or Samsung.  I appreciate any help or response.

Also, I tried to go into settings to see if Home Wiz was the issue, as I switched it to Home Wiz Easy,  then back to Home Wiz, and it did nothing.  Still won’t go to home screen. Thank you for your time. — Cheryl

Hi. Over the weekend I updated my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 to Android Kit Kat 4.4.4. Took forever to update over solid Wi-Fi. My problem is ever since, nearly every time I hit the home button, Google Search pops up.  At first, it was Google Now, which I turned off. But even still, Google Search still comes up with the slightest touch of the home button.  Doesn’t happen every time, but definitely most of the time.

Any recommended solutions?  Anyone else dealing with this issue? Thanks. — Matthew

Hi. I recently installed Android 4.4.4 to my Galaxy S5, and all seemed to be going well until I began to notice that sometimes clicking the Home button will launch Google Now instead of going to the home screen. I am not holding it down, or double clicking. Just an ordinary tap, and Google Now spontaneously starts. About 70% of the time the button functions normally, but I have noticed that as the day wears on the problem begins to occur more frequently. I am not sure if this is a glitch, or a change in settings that I am not aware of, but regardless this is very irritating and I would love to figure out how to fix it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! — David A.

Hello! Great website!

I’m having a problem that I haven’t seen on any forums. Since updating to Lollipop, my home button is extremely sensitive. It pulls up Google Now with the slightest touch, nothing even close to a ‘long touch.’ I have a terrible time getting to my home screen because no matter how quickly I press the button, it keeps bringing up Google. I like Google Now and would prefer not to disable it, but I will if I can’t solve this issue. I’m happy with a work around like reassigning the home button, but I haven’t found that setting. Thanks! — Liz

Hello. I am having an issue with my Home screen button on my S5 Active. Every time I press the home key it goes to Google. Even on short press. I have looked up what I can on this matter. I have gone into the Google app and tried to navigate around searching to turn Google Now Off. I did that and it is still happening. Help what can I do to stop this. I have been having this trouble for a week since the system update. I know there has to be a simple answer, I just haven’t found it. Thanks. — Pamela

Greetings. I love my S5 but a week or so after AT&T’s 4.4.4 update I have an issue regarding Google Apps (Google Now in particular) and my Home button. When I press Home once it will not respond then suddenly Google Now appears.  That’s only supposed to happen if I double press Home. Only way out is to press the left button to see all running apps.

Reboot corrects the issue but it’s temporary. I know when the device starts to get laggy and super sluggish, it’s going to misbehave. It is clearly something with Google Apps and the 4.4.4 update.

Is there a known fix for this issue? Seeing how I’m not expecting AT&T to push Lollipop out anytime soon I’d like to see if there’s a Band Aid or something I can do. Not that I’m 100% certain that Lollipop will fix the issue but, it’s what I’m hoping for if we AT&T users ever get the update.

Thanks. — M. E.


Solution on how to fix Google Now from popping up when the Home button is pressed

Based on these emails, we know that Google Now coming out of the blue when pressing the Home key instead of going directly to the expected screen can be a pain, especially if it happens more often. This problem appears to have multiplied all of a sudden after Android 4.4.4 was released around September of last year and even then after Lollipop is already well underway. For some, pressing the Home key has become a Russian roulette of sort as they can never expect to be directed to the screen they want.

As expected, there’s no official announcement from Google on how to fix the issue other than the standard software solutions. We have recommended a few “fixes” for this issue in our previous posts before and so far, it appears that the most effective one is by deleting the phone’s cache partition.

So what is cache partition? Will it delete any of your personal data like photos and videos? Your Android phone organizes many different type of information needed to function optimally and this is achieved by storing them into partitions. Without going into details, your phone’s cache partition is where frequently needed data and app information is kept. Deleting the cache will not affect your personal data as they are stored in a different partition. Deleting the cache is even a recommended maintenance trick that a user can do regularly because it gets automatically rebuilt as you continue using the device.

Deleting the cache is good news because users can skip the tedious process of performing a factory reset. So how do we do it? If you can’t figure out how to clear the cache partition of your Samsung Galaxy S5, just follow these steps:

  • Access the Recovery mode screen by pressing and holding Power, Volume Up, and Home keys.
  • Wait for the phone to vibrate once. Immediately release the Power button after the phone vibrates but keep holding the two other buttons (Volume Up and Home).
  • Once the blue recovery mode screen appears, navigate to Wipe cache partition options using the Volume Down key.
  • To select Wipe cache partition press the Power button.
  • This process will take a few seconds.
  • Select Reboot system now after deleting the cache.
  • Hit OK.


Problem #2: The normal Google functions are now gone (unable to send execute Voice to Text or no longer search the web and return relevant results)

Here is another one. The Google Now no longer works.  It responds to my voice, seems to be working, but actually isn’t.  For example,  if I try to voice to text, it will find the right contact , type the right words, and appear to be sending but doesn’t actually send.  Or, if I try a web search it will again respond to my voice and will go to a page, but the page is blank.  It has all the headers and footers but no content, just a white blank page. If I go to Chrome it works. — Julie

Hi. When I try to use the Google Now from the Home button, it does not search the internet (but it used to – even after I installed Lollipop). All of the other Google Now functions are still active and work well.  If I use the internet icon, or any other internet apps on my phone, they work just fine. I was just curious if I’m missing an update or something? Thanks. — Lory (Sprint User)


Solution if Google Now stops working properly

Using Google Now to send an SMS, email, or search the internet without actually tapping the keyboard is convenient. It can come handy when you are driving or busy doing something with your hands. But at the same time, it can get frustrating when these functions will start messing up after you’ve been used to using them for some time.

While these two issues mentioned directly above are not as persistent as the first problem, it is an indicator that Google Now app may suddenly stop working for unknown reasons. Frankly, we don’t have a technical explanation why this app will stop doing what it does best, search for answers in the web or send a text message or email. However, you can still try the solution for the first problem and see how the app behaves after that.

You also want to make sure that Google Now app is fully updated by checking it under Google Play Store My Apps list.


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