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Google Fit update introduce trendy watchface for Android Wear

Google Fit

Google is now sending out an update to the Google Fit application on Android which introduces a couple of big changes to the app, especially if you’re a user of the Android Wear platform. The company has added a new calorie burn counter and you will simply need to add your age, height, gender and other relevant data to get things started.

The update also gives you a brief look of your history such as workouts or steps, thus giving you an idea as to how you have fared over a period of time. The timeline can be grouped in weeks or months. There’s also a new Google Fit widget for Android now, which should give you all the data about your fitness right from your homescreen.

Perhaps the biggest update is the introduction of the Android Wear watchface which shows the time as expected and also displays the number of minutes you’ve walked in a given day. This should help you remain motivated to walk that extra distance in case you’re lagging behind.

Google is updating both Android Wear and Google Fit apps to reflect the changes and it should be available on your device now. Have a gander at Google’s official post below for more details on the changes that are making their way with Google Fit.

Source: Android Blog

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