FCC orders Sprint and Verizon to collectively pay $158 million for bogus text charges

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The FCC has ordered Verizon and Sprint to pay $90 million and $68 million in fines respectively over allegations of charging customers for bogus text messages sent by third party services. T-Mobile and AT&T were previously fined over similar violations although they have mentioned that the changes were put in place well before the FCC ruling.

Of the $158 million that the two carriers will have to pay, $120 million will go back to consumers while the remaining amount will be deposited in the United States Treasury and the state government.

In addition to these fines, the carriers will also have to be more specific and take prior permission from the FCC if they want to allow charging for third party text messages. The carrier will also have to put a system in place where users can opt out of this entirely so that they’re not charged without their knowledge.

This ruling will be welcomed by the customers and will go a long way in keeping the carriers in check with regards to over-billing their customers.

Source: FCC

Via: The Washington Post