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Drop test shows us what to expect from the LG G4 in terms of durability


The first thing customers want to know about a new flagship after the price and features is the design and the durability. And it’s only natural if you’ve wondered the same about the LG G4. And now your doubts are about to be answered, thanks to a new drop test video uploaded on YouTube.

The demonstrator starts off with a side drop to check how the sides hold up after an impact. Although there was no visible damage, the bottom bezel had lost a small chunk of plastic, which is understandable from a drop like this.

The second drop, however, completely destroyed the front portion of the device, cracking the entirety of the display. This was expected though as the phone was dropped face first. But as the demonstrator mentions, the phone was still functional despite those cracks, an area where the predecessor failed.

It has to be noted here that the LG G4 uses the Gorilla Glass 3 display while most manufacturers today utilize Gorilla Glass 4. We’re not sure if this had a role to play in the glass breaking easily and we hope LG has some clarification on that front.

What do you think of this drop test? Are you satisfied with the results?

Source: YouTube

Via: Phandroid

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