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Confirmed: Google bringing Android Pay with Android M operating system

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A few hours ago, we spoke about how Google could potentially show off Android Pay later today. And the company has now officially unveiled the service, while also confirming that it will break cover with Android M later this year.

With Android Pay, users can pay for items in retail outlets using NFC based machines and even payments for items bought through your mobile device. Further, you can even hook up your debit or credit card to Android Pay account and make payments that way. Overall, it’s essentially Android’s version of Apple Pay that was launched with iOS 8 last year.

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Taking authentication further, Android Pay will also allow fingerprint recognition for payments. This makes a lot of sense as manufacturers like Samsung and others have been pushing fingerprint scanners on their devices for quite some time now. Google also announced that Android Pay will be supported by major carriers as well.

We’re yet to get the complete details on this new service, but we should get a clearer picture before the end of the day.

Source: Android Blog

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