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Charging cradle for the LG Watch Urbane available in the Google Store for $19.99

LG Watch Urbane Cradle

If you recently got yourself the LG Watch Urbane and are on the lookout for a replacement charger, Google has you covered. The replacement charging cradle for LG’s premier smartwatch can now be purchased from the Google Store for $19.99. This is no different from the charging cradle that you received with the Watch Urbane and is merely a replacement for the original.

It is noted that the pins on this charging cradle are slightly different from the G Watch R charging cradle, but that’s expected considering that they’re different wearables. We appreciate the pricing of this replacement cradle as it’s one of a kind and cannot be bought elsewhere. Also, customers have already shelled out the big bucks for the smartwatch, so it would have been unfair on them to pay a lot for the accessory.

The micro USB cable won’t be provided with the cradle, so you’ll have to use your own. But that’s not much of a problem as you can find them practically anywhere in the market or even around the house. Head over to the Google Store link below to get the Watch Urbane replacement cradle for your beloved wearable (if you have one at this point).

Source: Google Store

Via: Android Police

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