Budget tablet from HTC coming soon?

HTC Logo

According to a new rumor, HTC could be interested in launching its second tablet within a year’s gap, dubbed as the H7. It is likely that this is a pre-production name given to the tablet and the real name might be completely different. It’s interesting that the company wants to try its hand at the budget tablet segment, but not all that surprising given that its smartphone sales haven’t exactly gone off the roof recently.

The H7 is scheduled for a release by the second quarter of 2015, which indicates that this could be sometime next month. The tablet is believed to be sporting a 7 inch display, which should make it a decent entry in the budget tablet segment.

Unfortunately, we don’t have more word on the hardware of this mystery tablet, but expect that to be revealed over the coming days. We’ll be patiently waiting to see how much of an impact this HTC tablet will have on the market. The company has proven with the Nexus 9 that it is capable of making decent tablets, so there will be great expectations from the new tablet.

Source: @Upleaks – Twitter