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ZTE ZMAX smartphone relaunching via T-Mobile


T-Mobile and ZTE halted the sales of the ZMAX phablet earlier this month. The carrier and the manufacturer have now decided to bring back the smartphone, after figuring out the issue which led to the suspension of sales. The carrier pulled the handset from its shelves citing a battery related issue.

Interestingly, this new revelation was not made officially by T-Mobile, but by a leaked internal memo which was accessed by an insider. The solution for the battery problem is to not remove the battery from the device, apparently. T-Mobile makes it clear in the memo that customers should not remove the battery on the ZMAX.

Here’s what the memo says –

  • Resume selling the ZTE ZMAX device and return all corresponding collateral to the sales floor
  • Inform customers who are interested or intend on purchasing the ZTE ZMAX that the back and battery are not removable, and the device should only be opened by an authorized service technician

So if you’ve bought yourself a ZMAX recently, make sure you take it to the T-Mobile outlet near you to check if you’re eligible for a replacement.

It’s good to see T-Mobile and ZTE acting in haste to resolve the issue as the ZMAX is one of the best selling midrange phablets on T-Mobile’s networks right now.

Via: TMo News

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