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Video demonstrates true durability of the Samsung Galaxy S by cracking open walnuts

Samsung Galaxy S6

The true potential of a smartphone these days is judged by its durability as much by its internal features. And when the Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched, there was talk of the device being susceptible to bending, much like the iPhone 6 last year. Endless cycle of durability tests seemed to confirm and refute the claims at the same time, but a new video today takes it all to a new level. How? Well, by cracking open walnuts.

These videos were not posted by Samsung, but by users of the device, so it seems to be coming from a neutral source. There are two videos in total, showing the durability of the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 respectively.

The first video shows how the user places the walnuts on the display of the Galaxy S6 Edge and uses another Galaxy S6 Edge to crack them open. In the second video, the user opens the walnuts using the metal corners of the Galaxy S6.

In both instances, we see that the devices are not harmed, which is incredible considering the amount of force used. This goes to show that the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge are very durable and can hold their own against tough devices. What do you think about these findings?

Source: YouTube

Via: Sam Mobile

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