US Carriers Reveal Their LG G4 Plans


The LG G4 isn’t coming to the US for awhile, but some of the carriers are starting to share information on when it might be coming.


Verizon has no explicitly said when we should expect the LG G4 to arrive on that carrier, but they have confirmed that it is coming “soon.” That’s pretty vague, but it probably will launch when the other carriers get their devices as well.


AT&T has not said when they expect the LG G4 to be available for their customers, but it’s likely it will arrive around when the other get it.

AT&T has launched a new section on their website for the LG G4 merely listing the device as “Coming Soon.”


T-Mobile has confirmed that they are going to have the LG G4 for customers who want to purchase it. They going further than Verizon though in offering customers a chance to win the device every day from now until May 25th, before the device goes on sale. That last part is the most interesting bit, as it suggests the G4 could arrive in the US around the end of May or the beginning of June. Time will tell though.


Sprint is also giving away the LG G4 to customers before the device launches. They are offering eight G4’s between today and May 21st. Sprint has reportedly said the device will launch on their network in “June”, so that’s most likely when it will arrive. There’s no specific June release date, but it will probably be on the earlier side of the month.

US Cellular US Cellular, who is considered the 5th carrier, says that they expect to launch the LG G4 in June as well. Since two of the carriers that will be carrying the device are saying June, it’s very likely that will be the date.

So if you want the LG G4, it looks like you’ll have to wait until June unless you want to try to win one from either T-Mobile or Sprint. With all of the features, are you interested in the LG G4?

Sources: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T via Droid Life