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Update to News & Weather app (v2.3) introduces a flurry of new features [Download]

News & Weather

Google has just updated the News & Weather app on Android to version 2.3 as part of its Update Wednesday tradition. The updated app brings some key changes to the functionality and notifications. First and foremost, the app will now give you Important News Notifications on news which is a feature that has to be enabled by the users. When accessing the updated app for the first time, users will see a card on top of the app which will serve as a reminder to turn it on.

This will give you system level notifications for any major news that could impact you. There’s no way to filter what news is considered “major”, but we’re guessing Google has a system in place to not clutter your notifications area with a lot of news prompts.

News & Weather

The app also gets a new ‘Suggested For You’ recommendations for news stories which could be based on your news preferences. There’s also a new standalone Settings pane where you can access all the features which were otherwise scattered all over the menu. This can be accessed by scrolling all the way down to the menu and finding the new Settings icon.

The update should gradually begin rolling out to the customers, but if you’re impatient to check it out, make sure you download the apk file from the link below.

APK Download Link

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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